Apr 27, 2012


W is for Wish

I have a lot of wishes in my life.
For me wish is similar to dream, or vision.

When I was still a girl, I wished to grow up quickly as a teenager and had a lot of friends to hang out together. This wish has been accomplished.
I had a lot of hang out friends at school.

Then, my wish was developed.
When I finished my high school, I wished to be graduated from a reputable university so that I can find a great job. I tried to achieve the best ranking from the university. In this point I failed. However I got a lot of experiences in student organization. I knew that it can be counted as an additional value to the working place.

Again I can reach my wishes. I graduated as a bachelor with a quite good score. Then I added my wishes.
I wished to work as an executive secretary for a big boss in a big well known company.
And I got my job, not match with my wishes, but almost the same. I worked as a secretary for a manager department in a company. Not too famous. Then I resigned and got another better job until now. I work as a secretary in a quite big company.

Just like other woman, I also wish to have a happy family, good husband, lovely kids, live in a cozy house. And this is already happened in my life.

Then my wishes kept added more and more. Mostly were accomplished.

Now I wish that this posting is read by a lot of reader around the world. It is not a big wish, anyway.

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