Apr 10, 2012

H is for HOME

There is no cozy and comfortable place as my house.
Maybe others will not agree with this statement, and say that theirs are more comfortable.

My place can be said as a tiny little house. I need only few steps to arrive to each room. I feel very comfortable here. All the furniture is in the small size, but they are all practical and useful.

However for some people, their house can’t be categorized as comfort places. It is not talking about the clean and tidy matter, or about the size of the house, or about the expensive furniture inside.
But it is more about the atmosphere.

Although they live in a big and luxurious house, some are even still considering their house as hell. Each member of the house does not care about others. They act like stranger toward one another. No peace, no love, no affection.

Not all houses can be a home for the people live inside

I remember my childhood film serial: LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE
The characters: Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, little Carrie, and other neighbors. They are a very lovely family. In their simplicity of life, they seemed very happy.

As for me and my family, my little house is also a really home for us. We love and affect each other.
No cruel word and scolded are heard.

Welcome to my Home Sweet Home


  1. You are absolutely right, Cherie! The size of the house doesn't matter one whit - what matters is the size of the hearts of the people who dwell there. And just for the record? I live in a very tiny house, too!

    1. Thank you Cathy.
      The size of the hearts of the people is the most important..
      about our house..it is tiny but comfort, isn't it?

      Nice to meet you here..

  2. "Home is where the heart is"
    I totally agree with you.

    It's not about the size. It's not about the luxurious stuffs crammed inside.
    But it's more about a comforting, soothing, relaxing place where you can rest after all the hectic days outside.

    1. Hi,

      I am sure that you have also a wonderful home complete with a lovely family.

      Thanks for visiting me..