Apr 9, 2012


G is for GREEN

Happy Easter to all bloggers!

I just came back from long weekend holiday. Away from all gadgets that can help me posting the article for A to Z challenge.
Today I start to write the G, which was actually scheduled on the previous Saturday. Better late than never.


Thera are many variants in green colours.
Green grass, apple green, dark green, light green?

But what do you connote for this word?



What else?

Anyway, a Green is a Green

Although there will be a lot of connotation for this single word.

Green refers to nature. Almost all plants have green colours
They only turned to brown colours when they are dead.

In Indonesia, Green means “hijau”. It can also be applied to many connotations.
Meja hijau” refers to court, because usually the courtyard has a green table for the judge.

Also “matanya berubah menjadi hijau setelah melihat tumpukan uang yang banyak”.
It cannot be translated like this: The eyes turned to green after looking at the bundle of money.
The eyes turned green is not a literally meaning.
Indonesian people called it “Mata Duitan”. It is a person who loves money very much and wants to do anything just to get the money.

(I wonder about this calling. Since not all our currency have a green colour)

It can’t also be literary described as a house with green colour.
It is actually a place to conserve plants to keep our earth from global warming.

Now the green of our earth is decreasing because of this issue.
We can have comfortable feeling if we live in a green environment.

Go Green all bloggers…..


  1. Hi, I support green by using florescent lighting. It lasts a lot longer than the traditional bulb, thereby saving energy, thereby saving production of energy. :) Enjoyed your green blog post. On my way to visit others hoping to visit everyone by end of April. Best regards to you, Ruby

    1. Hi Ruby,
      It is nice to meet you.
      Thanks for visiting me. You remind me to my mom. She was also an English teacher.

  2. Favorite color!
    We can all 'go green' in small ways. Picking up trash; changing our light bulbs; recycling cans, paper, glass; even remembering to bring our reusable grocery bags to the store so we don't bring home more plastic or paper ones. If everyone contributed even in a small way, the impact on the environment would be HUGE!
    Thanks for posting about this!

    1. nice comments. Lets begin from ourselves. NOW...

  3. Yay! I really like the last picture and the call to go green :) Green is such a soothing colour, so restful.

    Sue: An A-Z of Climate Matters

  4. Hi Sue,
    I agree with you about the soothing effect of green colour.
    Thanks for coming to joyfulcherie.