Jun 16, 2012

Midyear posting

We are now in the middle of  the year 2012.
Time goes by so swiftly.
Day by day we do our living.
In a good time or bad time. Up and down. Laughs and tears.

For almost one and a half month I have not posted anything on this blog. 
When I opened it this morning, I saw a few comments on my last posting. All are awaiting for my next writing.

The A to Z blogger challenge really encourage me to keep on writing. All the bloggers gives encouragement toward each other.
Thanks for the one who had the ideas of this challenge.

Now, in the middle of this year, I want to take more time to blog.
Although there are only a few words to write. I want to exist.

Thank you A to Z Challenge.
Thank you all bloggers.
Thank you everyone who visit my blog.