Dec 31, 2011


Tahun 2011 akan segera berakhir
Tahun 2012 akan segera datang
Hanya dalam hitungan menit saja

Lihat ke belakang sejenak seraya bersyukur
Tinggalkan semua yang terjadi di tahun 2011,
Jadikan semuanya pengalaman hidup kita

Mari mengawali 2012
tujuan baru,
semangat baru
segalanya baru

Pandang ke depan,
Percayakan hidupmu pada Tuhan,
Belajar dari kesalahan
Berusaha untuk selalu melakukan yang benar

Mari menutup tahun ini dengan baik
Buka lembaran yang baru

Selamat tahun baru 2012

Dec 29, 2011

Counting the Days

 "so teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom"
                                                       Psalm 90:12

Time goes by. Days, weeks, months walk swiftly.
Some young people spend their time with no value. They just pass day by day without any important things. This kind of people seems “sleeping” in their life. When they finally awake, everything has gone. Regretful is spilling over the elderly age.

However if we follow the verse stated in this article, we certainly have a wisdom to fill our life wisely.
Be very careful in living this life and fill it with the useful things, because we can’t buy back the previous time which is left behind, although we want to redeem it.
Unless we have a time-machine, that can bring us back to the past time.

Now we have only few more days before leaving the year 2011.          
Many things had happened during this year. Good news and bad news take a shift
Accident, earthquake, disaster, birth, wedding, death, happened alternately in our world.
Even in these last days of 2011, we still hear about riot in some areas.
What a very cruel world. It seems that no more value in human life.

The remaining days are supposed to be used as maximized as we can.
Leaving the year 2011, we wish to close it smoothly without any hindrances.

Let’s count our last days in 2011 with a grateful mind.
Remember the good things happened to our life; remove the bad and negative ones. Build the positive mind for the incoming year.

Dec 20, 2011

Writing is easy

Is it true? For certain people, this opinion is not quite true.
They think that the process of writing is very complicated.
Right now, I agree with the people who say that writing is not that easy. It seems that my idea is blocked. Nothing can be explored to create an interesting writing, although I have read many suggestions and tips about how to write in an appropriate way.
The ideas are not flowing yet.

Writing is a process.
First of all, we must have a specific idea or topic. Then, we must describe or explain that topic to inform the reader, or even to convince them about the idea of the writer.
The important thing about the writing is the simplicity of the description. How it can reach the reader’s mind.
Sometimes when an idea leaps out of our mind, it must be directly explored into writing. Otherwise it will fade away soon.

I have tips from my lecturer: once we start our exploration, usually the valve will open and pour out the ideas. At this time, don’t ever bother about the grammar or the choice of vocabulary. We can still revise or correct it later. Just write all the ideas until you can’t go any longer.

Writing is the ability to edit.

After all is finished, we must edit this draft.
Here we can choose better words that suit to the writing. We can open dictionary or thesaurus. A word sometimes has more powerful implication than the other, although both have the same meaning. The skill of the writer in choosing the word can determine whether the writing can be created interestedly, or not. It depends on the writer’s imagination and ability. Sometimes, the same topic is written very dull in the description.

Writing is easy.
Do you agree with this opinion?
I still have the same statement as before. It is not as easy as some people say, but it is also not as complicated as your imagination.

One statement from me: writing is exciting.

Oct 28, 2011


Writing activity really depends on mood.
No mood means no ideas
Not even a single idea comes out from my mind for the writing topics.
I am really amazing to some blogger who can blow up any topic into an interesting writing. I must learn a lot from them.

How can I recharge myself in order to have a new spirit of writing?
I have no idea at all.
Can anybody help me?

Sep 21, 2011


Everyone will certainly ever dream in their sleep.
I am one of them. Almost in every sleeping time, I will have a dream.

I often dream about a situation or an unfinished task that I am so worried about. However, in my dream, I can finish the task well. It causes a self esteem for me to do it in the next day.

Sometimes, I also dream about the street and the location of the previous time during my childhood. It seems that I walk very slowly in a very exhausted circumstance. Usually this happen when I am not in a fit condition due to my busy day.
Some dreams are also about my beloved one, my friends and my working place. All seem very real for me.

I also repeatedly dream about bathroom, in many versions. The location is always different in each dream, from the very dirty and horrible bathroom, to the very luxurious and comfortable one. But the point is almost the same. I always stand in queue for entering that bathroom.

My friend told me that I must have something which haven’t accomplished yet in our live. And that’s true for me. It is proved when I finally reach my goal and do it well; the dream about bathroom is ended. 

Years ago, I even dream about numbers. Almost all of my dream content about number, whether it is the quantity of a thing, the stairs level, the room number in a hotel, or the amount of money.

Indonesian people say that “Mimpi adalah bunganya tidur”. It means that dream actually does not have any meaning. It is just the review of what we think in our mind during our awaken stage.
For me personally, dreams are my inner mind that probably can’t be revealed in the real life. Dreams are merely expressions of inner desires which are collected in my mind. Then it will appear in my dream.

If you read in Wikipedia, you can find that the scientists believe if everyone dreams, but people will tend to forget them when they are awakened. It is because of the short phase of dream, only within a few seconds to two minutes. That’s why they will not always remember all dreams.
I am lucky for remembering some of the dreams.

I never try to find the meaning of all my dream Though, so many books about the interpretation of dreams are written. They describe the detail of each single keyword in the dream and try to relate it to our life.
Dreaming is just an intermezzo during my sleeping time

Let's dreaming.

Aug 31, 2011


Saat yang paling ditunggu
Empat minggu lebih berpuasa
Larangan dan himbauan
Agar menahan hawa nafsu
Marak didengungkan
Anjuran untuk meningkatkan ibadah
Terus dikumandangkan

Hari yang dinantikan telah tiba
Akhirnya seluruh umat Islam didunia
Rayakan hari kemenangan
Ini puncak kegembiraan

Lantunan suara takbir
Enyahkan rasa galau dan resah
Bedug bertalu ditabuh
Arak-arakan berkeliling
Ramai bersahutan
Alunkan kemeriahan
Nan riuh reda

Selamat Hari Lebaran 1432H
Minal aidin wal faizin
Mohon maaf lahir dan batin
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Aug 17, 2011


 Hari ini segenap bangsa Indonesia
dimanapun mereka berada
Di belahan dunia manapun mereka tersebar
Semuanya merayakan hari ulangtahun kemerdekaan negara Indonesia

Enampuluh enam tahun lamanya
Kita telah mengecap yang namanya Kemerdekaan
Dari penjajah Belanda maupun Jepang
Dan selama itu pula kita merangkak pelan tapi pasti menuju kepada kemajuan dalam pembangunan negara ini.

Namun, apakah kemerdekaan itu telah merata dirasakan oleh semua rakyat?
Atau hanya golongan tertentu saja yang menikmatinya?

Kemerdekaan model bagaimanakah yang digembar gemborkan selama ini..

Semoga para pemimpin bangsa ini dapat melakukan pemerataan kemerdekaan ini kesegenap lapisan masyarakat.

Dirgahayu bangsaku, dirgahayu negeriku.

Aug 16, 2011


It is a story about a very wise king: King John, in a far away kingdom, with his famous cook. 

The cook is well-known because of his ability in serving the food for the whole member of the royal, also for every honorable guests of King John. The food he makes will never disappoint anyone. He always creates a new menu for the events of the palace.

One day, the King plans to have a party in his palace. He orders his cook to make a special menu for this event. The cook promises to prepare a surprising dish for the guest. Nobody knows what kind of menu will be served until the d-day.

The moment is coming. All guests are arriving at the palace. All is wonder about the menu. Then, the food is served to them. Everybody starts to taste and admire the cook once again for the delicious and appetizing food.

King John praises the cook for the special menu. He asks him, what kind of meat he used. Then he reveals that the menu is from beef tongue. Everyone gives him applause. The King feels proud too. He gives the cook a very big reward for the accomplishment.

One month later, the King wants to make another celebration with his special guest again. He asks the cook to make a special menu as usual.
Again, after a preparation, the dish is ready to be served at the party.
At this time, all guests start to whisper each other. The food is exactly the same as the previous party. The beef tongue. King John’s face shows a very ashamed expression. Right away he calls the cook and scolds him, asks his intention in making the same food.

Calmly, the cook answers the question of the King. He says that both menus are from the same ingredients: beef tongue. The first serving caused an admiration for the King and for the cook also, but the second one caused a very big shame for the king.
It is same with our life. The same tongue can produce either good words or bad words for others.

The wise king suddenly has a big grin smile in his face after heard the explanation. He is not angry anymore to the cook. Instead, he awards him as the head of all cooks in his kingdom.

Tongue, everybody will need it, no matter of what status they have.
We will be able to use our tongue as one of the five senses of human being, to detect the flavor of food: sweetness, bitterness, sourness, and saltiness.
All delicious meals in the world can be created because of the role of this small tongue.

We can speak and utter the word clearly because we have this tongue also.
An orator can give his powerful speeches; a singer can sing in an awesome way, a teacher can teach all the students. It is because of this little thing: tongue.

However, this small stuff should be used in an appropriate way to avoid any problems.
A negative word uttered from the tongue of a mother, will have a very big impact to the growth of her child. The kid will be grown up in a negative thought about himself. Then he will become a bad guy and cause a lot of disturbance in the town.

One irritating comment from a famous artist will emerge a hot issue in mass media.

A war between two countries sometimes happens because of a misunderstanding of the simple word.

Tongue, a small thing yet has a big effect.

The wise usage of it will encourage and create a wonderful world, but the careless usage will also cause a ruin.

Jul 31, 2011

Marhaban ya Ramadhan.

Bulan puasa..

Setiap umat muslim di belahan dunia manapun akan mulai berpuasa selama sebulan penuh. Inilah saatnya untuk menahan segala hawa nafsu yang seringkali diumbar sembarangan.

Bulan puasa..
Bukan sekedar menahan rasa lapar. Tapi banyak sekali hal yang perlu dikendalikan selama bulan yang penuh rahmat ini.

Untuk orang yang suka marah, ini saatnya untuk lebih menjaga emosi.
Triknya ialah bersikap lebih sabar terhadap hal-hal yang dirasa dapat memancing kemarahan. Hitunglah 1 sampai 10, agar kemarahan yang tadinya siap meledak, agak tertahan dan diharapkan bisa mereda.

Untuk yang penuh iri dengki selama ini, di bulan puasa ini sebaiknya mulai mengurangi bahkan menghilangkan sikap yang sangat merugikan tersebut.
Misalnya: jangan membandingkan kelebihan orang lain dengan keadaan diri kita. Hal inilah yang biasanya dapat memicu rasa irihati. Sebaliknya selalu lah bersyukur dengan semua yang telah kita miliki.

Untuk mereka yang selama ini selalu memikirkan hal-hal yang porno, mulailah untuk menyingkirkan semua yang berbau pornografi. Hindarilah untuk mengisi pikiran dengan semua yang bisa membangkitkan nafsu.
Usahakan untuk mengalihkan perhatian dan pikiran ke hal lain yang lebih bermanfaat.

30hari berpuasa.
Bukan berarti setelah bulan ini berakhir, semua hawa nafsu yang tadinya tampak "terkekang" boleh diumbar lagi.
Tetapi sebaiknya semua hal baik yang telah dilakukan dan juga semua hal buruk yang sempat berhasil dihilangkan selama bulan puasa ini, tetap dilanjutkan di masa-masa selanjutnya.

Bulan puasa..bulan ramadhan.
Bulan penuh rahmat, bulan penuh berkah..

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa untuk semua teman dan saudara yang menjalaninya. Semoga semua berjalan dengan baik dan lancar hingga pada akhirnya.

Jul 30, 2011


This kind of role is sometimes not seen. It’s an undercover activity.
The matchmaker is trying to connect two different people with a different background and environment, to become a happily couple united in a marriage. Actually it’s a quite risky profession. Although he is closed to the couples, he can’t certainly guess the inside feeling of each person.
Indeed, nobody can assume what will happen in the future, including this matter.

The matchmaker is only helping the couple to find a partner of life. The next step is depended on themselves, whether they want to make the relationship more serious or not.
Otherwise, the hard attempt from the matchmaker is nothing.

Right now, I have an activity of a matchmaker. I am trying to help my friends to find their soul mates. My effort is still getting no significant progress. Both are still trying to make a further relationship. Hope that everything will end in a good condition.

Jul 14, 2011

je m'appelle cherie

My name is Cherie
It is a nickname for me given by my best friend.
Sounds very sophisticated, doesn’t it?
I feel like a mademoiselle with that name.

What's in a name?

Actually a name is not just a name.
All parents certainly have a big hope after their child’s birth by giving a meaningful name, which might influence the entire life of the kid.
In all parts of the world, the parents will usually name their children with a name of famous person, with a good name which has a good meaning or at least contain a good connotation.

For example:
Boys Name: Ethan, (origin: Hebrew), meaning: "firm" or "strong".
Girls Name: Mia, (origin: German), meaning: taken from the name “Amelia”: “Work of the Lord”.
A name: Joyce, chosen because the parents want her to be a joyful person along her life and brings cheerfulness to others.

In Java – Indonesia, the name of a child who often gets sick, will be changed:

* "Waras" (meaning: health, recover from sickness). Thus, usually the name seems to have the power of healing. The child gets well soon after getting the new name.

* “Slamet” (meaning: save), “Sugiharto” (meaning: lots of treasure), and many meaningful names are familiar for Javanese people.

A name is like a brand for goods. It represents the quality.
However, sometimes a name doesn’t match with the personality.

In real life, there are names that surprise us
because they don't seem to suit the person at all
                                                               Krzysztof Kieslowski

In Philippine, there are so many men named “Jesus”, but they do not represent the character of Jesus which is full of love and kind, as stated in the Bible. Some are criminals, drunkards, robbers.

We must have self-respect with our names.
Once we ruin our names, nobody will ever trust us.

Our names are labels,
plainly printed on the bottled essence of our past behavior
                                                                      Logan Pearsall Smith

Jul 4, 2011

A short story about Rie and Amm

Once upon a time, in a small suburb, lived a little girl named Rie. She was very lovely and delightful. She used to walk to a rose park near her house and play there alone quietly. She did it for years.

One day, a new family moved and lived at that suburb. They had a son, named Amm. He was cute and kind. He still had no friends. His house was near to the rose park, that’s why everyday he saw Rie walk through his house to that park. He was not greeting her because he was too shy to do it.
Then Amm decided to follow her walking to the park. He was watching her playing. Actually he wished that Rie was conscious of his presence, but nothing happened.

He continued follow and see her from distance until one unforgettable day.
As usual Amm was watching Rie while she was playing in the park. Unexpectedly she was fallen and got hurt on her knee. Hurriedly Amm ran toward Rie and help her to stand on her feet. She was crying because of her bleeding knee. Amm was trying to soothe her. He wiped the wounded carefully. He asked her to lean on his body and together they were walking to her house.

Rie was not crying anymore. Amm was quite relieved and was running back to his own house.

From that time, Rie and Amm had never been apart. Rie was coming by to Amm’s house before playing at the park. They were walking and playing together excitedly. Both were much closed toward each other. Just like brother and sister.

Until one day..
As usual Rie was walking to the park and coming by to Amm’s house. She called him, but nobody came out from that house. Then Rie walked alone to the park and played there without Amm.

The day after, she was walking through Amm’s house again, and calling him. Still nobody came out from that house. She continued walking to the park sadly and playing there all alone.

Rie was very sad. Nobody accompanied her anymore. She was all alone playing at the park quietly. Just like the previous days, before Amm’s coming.

Nobody knew the reason of the disappearing Amm.

Deep inside Rie’s heart, she was missing Amm. Though she was used to be alone, still a short togetherness with Amm will be remembered in her memory forever.

Jul 1, 2011

Selling is exciting

I enjoy using my time as a freelance saleswoman. I have much kind of merchandises to sell. I started this activity from my college time. Food, cosmetics, garments, etc.
Then it continued until now.
Sometimes I get only a very little profit, but I have a satisfaction if I can sell my products.
Selling activities increase my ability to interact with other people, since there is a motto that CUSTOMER IS THE KING. We must serve them with our best capability.

I was known as a shy girl, now almost every old acquaintance tells that I am changing a lot. I am more talkative than I was in the previous time. Perhaps it is because I used to offer actively to my buyer.

Actually everybody can become a marketer passively. For example: when we had a lunch in a certain restaurant and we found that the meal was very delicious, indirectly, we would promote the place to others though we were not paid to do it.

I just realize about the fact and make it as a motivation for me, that deep inside we have the seller soul. It is very exciting to know this reality. The enthusiasm of selling seems stay in my spirit. Hopefully it can remain there forever.

Jun 22, 2011

Self control

Self control is the ability to control one's emotions, behavior and desires in order to obtain some reward later.
We must have it toward a temptation

Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell.
~Author Unknown

It's all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back.
~Mick Jagger

Many aspects of our live need this. Otherwise we will face worse consequence.

For example: we should control ourselves in eating, not too much in the portion. If we fail, then we will eat as much as our stomach can accept, then we will have a terrible in our digestion.
The side effect that can be seen directly, if we do not have a self control on our food, is the enlarging size of our body. Moreover we will have the unhealthy body too.

In our relationship with others, we must also make a very high self control to avoid any conflicts. Since everybody might have their own will, we should be aware to tolerate them. If not, we are going to have a lot of enemies wherever we go. In our working place, school, even inside our family, we can have a conflict sometimes. Try to be more patient then emerge the self control.

Self control is a tool to stay away from any contradiction opinion. It is not an easy thing to do. Because we are easily tempted to justify ourselves as the most correct one and blame others.

In our utterance, we must also be very careful. Not easily stated a word that can hurt others. Again, self control is the most important one.

In every action of our live, this self control roles a lot.
Let’s start to increase our self control and make a better peace world.

You must admit you have self control before you can use it.
~Carrie Latet

Jun 21, 2011

Your plan is not always the same with God’s plan

Human being must have a plan in their life, either a simple plan or a complicated one.

After wake up, we start to plan our daily activities. Staying at home and doing the leisure, or working hard and meeting with an important client.
This is just an example of the planning.

For our life, we also have a planning.
We choose to study and take our degree, in order to have a better job. Then, after graduated we plan to work at the job which can earn much money.
Then we marry someone who is kind and pretty or handsome and live happily ever after.

However, not all our plan can always suit to God's plan.
Sometimes He will drive us to another plan of HIS, and lead us to walk through HIS path.

If we obey HIM, we will certainly have a brighter life though we cannot see it directly.
If we do not want to follow HIS way and stay firm with our own idea, perhaps we will face a trouble. Sometimes it does not appear in the beginning, everything seems to be very smooth. However in the middle of our life, the problem starts to occur. It is one of the sign that our way is not in the same path to HIS way.

If this happened to our life, we must ask HIS forgiveness and try to switch our step to the right track. Then hopefully everything will be brought back in the right way.
The theory seems very easy, but the practice is very difficult to be performed. Still we need to try and try everyday to be always in the same pattern with our GOD.

Our plan is not always the same with God's plan. At least we can try to match it.

He who fails to plan, plans to fail"

Jun 16, 2011


Masa muda masa belia
Masa kuliah sungguh ceria
Teman sahabat
Semua terjalin saling terikat

Tawa canda
Suka duka
Saling memberi
Tak lupa berbagi

Satu setengah dekade telah berlalu
Namun semuanya masih teringat selalu


Smua begitu melekat dalam sanubari
Bagaikan pagi yang bermentari

Ayo kawan
Mari berkumpul
Ayo sahabat
Silahkan bergabung

Semua kenangan
Yang telah tersimpul
Akan ditampung

Waktu yang singkat
Kan jadi saksi bisu
Kuatnya jalinan yang mengikat
Walau terpisah jarak dan waktu

(ditulis khusus untuk menyambut acara temu kangen Sastra Inggris UKP tgl 18 Juni dan 23 Juni)

Jun 8, 2011

Give thanks

Everyday we find a lot of things to appreciate.
Shiny day
Rainy day,
Fresh air
Clear water,
A complete part of healthy body,
And many more

We can even write hundred pages about the items we have in our life.

However, sometimes we disregard them all.
We think that all the good things that we have are not worth enough to be thankful.
Until only one of thousand good things is taken out from our life, then we will complain to God.

For example: in the sunny day, we never regard the sun shine. We complain about the hot weather.

But when we are caught in the rain, again we will grumble and complain about it.

Human being will never satisfy with their belongings and with the things they get.
When they don’t have any vehicle, they think that a motorcycle will be very great for them.
Then they begin to think about a car to stay away from the sun and rain.
Then they try to ask a newer type of car, and so on.
The complaint will never stop.

The small thing in our life that sometimes we forget about is our tears.
It helps us a lot.
I have ever heard the testimony of a man whose eyes can’t produce the tears anymore. He must buy the artificial teardrops which is only available at USA. Everyday he consumes at least 3 bottles. Each is about US$8.
If it is counted, we will realize how expensive our teardrops are.

There are still a lot of abundant but ignored blessings in our live.
Let us change our mindset everyday, start to see every single good thing around us.
Then, we will never fail to give our thanks to the CREATOR of our LIVE.

May 31, 2011

Selamat ulang tahun Surabaya

Ditengah kebisingan lalu lintas
Diantara hiruk pikuk keramaian dijalanan
Ingatan akan hari jadi kotaku muncul selintas
Kota yang menjadi saksi bisu banyak kejadian

718 tahun
Bukan waktu yang singkat
Untuk sebuah kota yang telah terbangun
Dan dipenuhi dengan gedung-gedung bertingkat

Hampir disetiap penjuru kota
Tegak menjulang bangunan yang disebut plaza dan mall
Yang selalu menarik perhatian setiap mata
Untuk mengunjunginya…walau hanya untuk membeli sandal

Surabaya kota Pahlawan
Kota tempat ku bertumbuh
Semua tampak menawan
Bak buah matang yang menggoda untuk diunduh

Dibalik semua hangar bingar
Tersembunyi wajah sangar
Para penyamun

Kapankah kotaku aman kapankah kotaku nyaman
Bebas dari ancaman serta hantaman
Mungkinkah semua terjadi
Atau malah makin menjadi jadi

Surabaya tempat berkumpulnya kejahatan
Janganlah kita berpangku tangan
Marilah kita bangkit melawan
Agar jangan kita menjadi korban

(ditulis di hari jadi kota Surabaya tanggal 31/05/2011)

May 28, 2011


Sometimes human need to have a retreat in their life, in which they can have a recollection about all the blessing they have received.

This can recharge a new spirit toward the soul.

A very busy and hectic working activity will cause a fatigue body. Boring will drop off our productivity.
Even the permanence situation of it will also be harmful to the mind.

That is why a little refreshing can really help. We deserve to be rewarded after all of our doings.
If you think that nobody will reward you, you can make it for yourselves.

We don’t need an extra sum of money to get a refreshing.
Sometimes, sit in a massage room for two hours can give a relaxation for a tired body.
Hanging out with our friends in a shopping mall may have a good result too. However we must remember not to shop too much. Otherwise, we will make a new problem, the rising bill at the end of the month. (refer to my previous article )

A couple days of a weekend holiday in a beach or mountain may be a solution for us who try to find a refreshing. Nowadays, a lot of promo of low fare tickets and accommodation are given to the customer.

So let’s pampers ourselves. Choose your own relaxation way.

May 24, 2011

You are what you eat

You are what you eat

It is a common phrase we often heard.
It means that in order to be fit and healthy we need to eat good food.

Each person has a different point of view about this.
What is good food actually?
Must the food have an expensive price in order to be categorized as a good food?
Or must it have ingredients which are accomplished some standards from the food institution such as FDA in USA or BPOM in Indonesia.

When I was still at the Elementary School, my teacher used to teach us to eat a balance menu everyday. We called it “EMPAT SEHAT LIMA SEMPURNA”.
Each meal must contented carbohydrate, protein, vegetable, vitamin and milk.

Carbohydrate for Indonesian people will be found in a plate of rice (for Javanese), or Sago (for Ambonese), or even corn (for the Madurese).
Protein can be found in all kind of processed meat (poultry, cow, pork, etc) and also all kinds of processed bean (such as bean curd, tempe).
By eating vegetable, we are supposed to gain vitamins, just as we get from fruits.
Then, last but not least, we must drink milk. We will grow much bigger than those who don’t drink milk.

That is the doctrine we used to have during our childhood.

Now, the emphasis is changed.
It is said that we need fiber in our body. Especially for the people who wants to reduce the body weight.

Too much carbohydrate will deposit the calorie inside the body.
(usually we find it in the fast food)
This will be the source of fat if we don’t burn it well.

The protein should also be limited. And not all vegetables are good for our body.

Nowadays, a lot of variety of milk spread out of the store. Each has its own advantage, e.g: for diet, for increasing height, etc.

Health and good food for someone who goes on a diet is different from the normal people.
For the dieters, carbohydrate is the enemy for the body, whereas, it is really needed for the ordinary people.
However, fruit can still be put as the first rank of health and good food.

There are many methods to lose weight. Juice therapy sometimes is also applied. No rice at all. The followers say that it works for them.
Some says that salt diet can also reduce their weight.

Whatever the kinds of diet we follow, the purpose is to get a healthier body.
Good food makes our body fit and fresh.
If we eat good food, we will stay health. Our face and skin will also look fresh and shiny.

May 20, 2011

Ssssstttt … be quiet

I and my husband have just moved to our new apartment for almost two months.

Everything sounds perfect for us, except our next door neighbor. I think the occupant is a single young woman, because I never saw her husband. We also never communicate each other, because she’s already left her room before I go to the office early in the morning. Only once we happened to be in the same lift.

Actually there is nothing wrong with her but the noisy sound which is always heard in the morning and night.
She turns on the music very loud, and sings loudly too. It happens almost every day.
My guest who has ever stayed overnight at my apartment urged me to complain to the apartment management. But I don’t take much concern about it.

One afternoon, I happened to set up a curtain to my windows. The wall needed to be drilled.

Actually there is a regulation from the management not to do any repairs that can emerge a noisy sound, over the working hours. It was already 6pm at that time. I thought the drilling process didn’t take much time. However, since the wall was very tough to be drilled, it caused a very loud sound. Then I got a warning from the management to stop the work immediately because of some complaints from the neighbor.

I gave my objection to them, because at the same time, I also heard another sound of drilling outside.
Then they gave me a tolerant to finish the drilling process and fix the curtain as soon as possible. Just for this time only.
Lucky me!

What make me curios is which neighbor made that complain?
Because the drilling sound, is almost similar with the other drilling sound heard at almost every afternoon.
Why should they complain me?

I take a lesson from this case that I must be very careful not to make any disturbance to the surrounding. It is an apartment, occupied by many people from many different backgrounds and will. So, I must be aware of the privacy of each occupant.

If I don’t want to get any disturbance, I should not disturb others too.
Then we can live together in a cozy and pleasant environment.

May 19, 2011

Kid, you are special..

Child is a gift from God.

Parents should receive this gift with a grateful heart. Each child has its unique character, either good or bad. It’s the parents’ privilege to raise their children with all their characters.

Nowadays, we found many children were born with a special exceptional tendency. Some people named them as special need kids. The others called them as hyperactive children.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

ADHD is a common mental disorder in children and adolescents that may begin in preschool or early elementary years and has a median age of seven years
Hyperactive children are characterized by continuous talking, in constant motion with trouble sitting still and experiencing difficulty doing quiet tasks or activities.
They may roam around the room, squirm in their seats, wiggle their feet, touch everything, or noisily tap a pencil.
They may also feel intensely restless.

Whatever the names are, the kids should have a special treatment and attention.

I have a relative who happens to get the opportunity to raise a daughter with a special behavior like that.
The doctor told that the cause of this deviation can’t be specified in detail. He assumed that the food is the caution.
While the mother was still in the pregnancy period, she used to eat a lot of seafood, which actually content a lot of Plumbum (Pb). It is a very danger to our body.
She often fed the baby with the mixture of salmon and caviar also. The measures of the Pb were too over for that kid. Probably it was one of the causes for the abnormality.

At first, the mother didn’t recognize that her baby had some differences compare with others. This baby girl seemed to have her own world; she didn’t give a normal reaction toward her parents cuddle. But the mother thought that perhaps it was normal, until everybody commented about this deviation. Then, she consulted about this matter to a specialist, and got a very shocking result. Her baby was diagnosed to be a hyperactive kid, and need to have much more awareness from the parents. Some foods, which may increase the risk for hyperactive behavior, should be avoided. There are many prohibitions and exception in the meal, such as: milk, yogurt, cheese and ice cream, and gluten or wheat products including pasta, cereal and bread. This makes the kid thinner than the others on the same age.

The difference also appears on the ability of speech. This girl is less on this matter. On the age of 2, she tends to be very quiet. While actually kid on that period has the tendency to speak a lot of words. All of the people surround push her to talk and utter her words. It really takes an extra patient to take care of her.

If some time the kid is happened to eat the forbidden meal, the side effect is annoying for her.
It seems that she has a super energy to jump and run and dance and do her activities, while actually she is very tired. Then, after the effect was disappeared, she will fall down and collapse and immediately fall asleep.

Her parents have already tried many therapies for the kid. Many treatments have been applied. However, it seems that there is still no big progress about this.
Luckily, the family really supports the parents very much. Otherwise, they will be depressed.

There are many schools for this kind of children. They need a special person who concern about this. Even, there is a study to emphasis these matters, which are focusing on the healing and recovery on the deviation, either from the psychological or educational point of view.
Don’t underestimate the kids, yet abandon them. They didn’t choose to be born with those unique manners.
The kids are the next generations which are expected to build this world, that is why, they must be maximized in all way. Treat them with love, and they will grow up to a better life.

May 11, 2011


These days, almost everyone will be really depended on the internet, either for personal usage or for business.

I myself, mostly use the internet just for fun. I join the social network site and a few chatting rooms.

More over, after I had my smart phone. I never missed one single day without internet, almost nonstop. I turned it off only when the phone being recharge,

Sometimes I felt that I am addicted already. Then, I tried to make a deal to myself, not to use my smart phone within 24hours. I have made it twice. Not too difficult.

Now, I plan to enhance the period and add the regulation. I will make it three days, not only fasting from using the smart phone, but also from chatting via PC also.
I will keep my smart phone away from my hand within 3x24hours, otherwise I can still open the Facebook and chatting rooms.

For me, I think it will be very difficult at the beginning, since I used to hold my smart phone wherever I go. Even, in my busy working day, I still tried to peep out to the chat rooms, only to check the chit chat activities of my friends.
Also I used to chat via PC in the office.
I imagine that my days will be very quiet in my fasting days.

It’s my personal experience living without any interference from the social networking sites and chat rooms.
Perhaps you will think that I am too odd to write about it. Never mind. I just want to share my weird experience. How I even become sick just because I am not making any action to my smart phone.

Let’s take a look at my three struggling “black out” days.

Day 1
Kringggggggggggggggggggg… my alarm wakes me up.
What a big day..
This is my first day trying to live without contacting my friends in the virtual world.
I hope I can handle it.
Usually I take a look at my Facebook, to see my friends’ status and comment there.
This morning I almost did that daily ritual thing, but luckily I remembered my promise not to touch my smart phone for the Facebook and chatting activities.

I arrive at my office. Usually I turn on the PC, check my email and then open my chat rooms.
Today, I only check the email. No chat room.
What a very quiet moment.
I miss my friend who used to greet me and chat with me regularly.

Lunch time
I used to take a look at the Facebook. But today, I don’t do that.
Very silent

Can I continue this until the next three days?

Quiet.. no chat at all
I have already missed my chat friends.

I have finished cleaning my house.

Now what…
I lay on my bed, not with my smart phone, reading a book.

I am too sleepy to continue my reading.

Finally I can end this day without my smart phone and without doing the chitchat activities. Not too bad.

Day 2

Kringggggggggggggggggggg… I am awakened by the alarm.
This is second day without my smart phone.
I think I can handle it. Yesterday, sometimes I felt lonely without doing the chit chat.
The good news is: I almost finished reading my 200pages book.

I arrive at my office. I turn on the PC, check my email, nothing special.
I miss my chitchat friend to whom I used to tell a lot of stories.

The time flies very fast today because I have a lot of work to do.

What happened there in my Facebook?
I miss all my virtual friends, all their comments and status on the wall.

I arrive home tiredly.

OMG…I have a bad influenza. I can’t breathe normally.
My nose is full with snot. I was sneezing all day. It seems that I have lost my antibody.
My husband teased me and said that I am sick because I am parted with my smart phone.
Tonight, I slept earlier.

Day 3

The third day of my chit chat fasting is coming.
I can’t stand it any longer.
I take a look at my Facebook, only read it at a glance, but I don’t write and comment anything.

I sit on my desk, open the email.
I am not in a fit health. I have a dizzy head and sleepy eyes, after taking my medicines.

I think I should take rest for a while.

Pfiuhhh…what a busy day.

30 minutes left before going home

I have no energy at all tonight. I feel very weak because of this influenza.
My husband keeps teasing me that I will be recovered as soon as I ended my fasting days.

Day 4
So amazing
I feel better today.
My husband tells me that I am healthier because today I can start my chatting session. 

No more fasting. I think he has the point here. A little bit correct.

Three days without chatting and Facebook seems like three weeks for me.
However, I can handle it.
Someday, I will increase the period into a week or even 30days.

I will write about it next time.

Apr 29, 2011


Hi there
Awaiting for something
Pace and lace
Powerful and awful
Yet lovely and pleasant

Blaze the soul
In a burning flame
Reach the zeal
Till your thirst is satisfied
Are all conquered
Years after years

Save and sound
Across the border
My heart and yours
Mingle in a unity of
Youthful strength

(this poetry is specially written to my dearest friend who has inspired me in writing)

Apr 27, 2011


This morning I woke up sluggishly, after a long night raining.

I opened my window to get the fresh morning air. It was still raining, not a good entrance to start my day.
I moved slowly, then I looked at the sky, and amazed with my sight.

A beautiful big rainbow appeared there, so near to be grasped.

What a contrast view. In the middle of a dull rainy morning, GOD decorated the sky with colorful ribbon.

All of a sudden, I have a very good mood. A new energy encouraged me to be more enthusiastic
I feel ashamed not have a high quality spirit.

Now I want to fill my whole day with a good deed in an excited way.

Thank you LORD for giving me a beautiful rainbow!

Apr 26, 2011

Till death do us apart.

When I was still a girl, I imagined myself wearing a pretty ball gown as Cinderella. And when I grew up as an adult, I found that almost all girls have the same imagination like me. They were pretending as Princess Cinderella who was always loved by a very handsome Prince and lived happily ever after in a beautiful kingdom.

For me, this imagination grew bigger and bigger in the real life. Until I finally found my dream came true in my wedding day. I wore a beautiful ball gown and posed like a real Princess, walked together with my Prince Charming, pronounced the sacral vow to live together forever in good and bad times.

After all ceremony ended, our new life has just begun.

Everyone will certainly have a dream to have a happy ending life with their lovely spouse as in the fairy tale. A happy life of Prince Charming and Princess Beauty is in the imagination of all kids.

Actually the real marriage life is not as wonderful as our imagination. A lot of problems will emerge. The important things are the understanding toward each other.

I have an illustration about it.

Our marriage life can be seen as we are building a wonderful castle to live in. No matter how hard and difficult we face the process of building, we must continue it until the castle stand tough and sturdy to deal with the weather, storm and wind.

The process of building symbolizes the life itself. The couples are the builders. To build a strong building, we need the best material. Some of them are love, care, attention, honesty, and communication. And, the essential particle which must always be there is Trust.

Now let’s talk about the weather. It symbolizes the unsteady situation of the life. Sometimes, the shiny day can suddenly alter to the stormy one. It is just as the life. A happy family often annoyed by an unpleasant incident, either about money or health or even love affair with others.

Thus, the wind can represent a temptation to life. Although it is only a gentle wind, however the permanence of its breeze can make the couples insecure.

In order to make the marriage life more enchanted and brighter and avoid dullness, we also need to add ornaments in. A little bit surprising attention toward our spouse will certainly please them. A variation in sex life can also refresh the couples and be the brighter ornaments for life.

Marriage life is all depended on the couples. The happy story or even the tragic one will be decided by them. Their attitude will determine the ending.

Let’s make our marriage happily ever after, as our promises to the LORD: till death do us apart.

Apr 20, 2011

24hours fabulous holiday in MEDAN

Just want to share my great short holiday to Medan, a city in Sumatera Island.

Actually I did not plan about it. Almost 9 months ago, I saw a promo about air fare tickets of Air Asia in a social network site. Then, I chose a date which still had the cheapest fare, booked the seat, and paid.

I have tickets to Medan for a very cheap price.
Months passed, I almost forgot about it.
Until, I saw another promo about hotel. Searching again on the internet, luckily I got the very unbelievable price for a 3 stars hotel.

The d-day comes.
This is my first experience to have flight more than 2 hours. I never had it before.
On board, I felt boring. I have nothing to do to kill the time.
Next time, when I have any chance to go on a long time flight, I will prepare to bring books or magazine.

Poor me..
On the plane, in front of my seat, there is a very naughty boy who farted all the times. He climbed the seat and quaked on it.
What a horrible time. Three hours with a malice kid.

Welcome to the Medan Polonia Airport at Sumatera Island
I arrived there finally, in the third biggest city of Indonesia.
I took a taxi to drive me to the hotel, its only 15minutes from the airport.

Overall, the city was not too fascinating especially around my hotel which was located on the China Town. The traffics were very crowded. A lot of Medan Becak Trishaw there. I stayed in the middle of busy commerce area.

Actually, I had no idea where to go and what to do. I just wanted to have a relax time in a really new place, and enjoy the culinary here.

Then, I used the GPS on my smart phone. It really helped me in finding the route, since I did not know the way. (P.S: thanks for my dear friend who had installed the maps to my cellular)

The GPS was switched on, and so my culinary tour begun.

I started to look for many special food of Medan. Kwetiau, chicken noodle, bika ambon, bolu gulung, markisa syrup, and so many other yummy foods spreading around my hotel. All are in one single day only.
I don’t know how much kilograms will be added to my weight.
I should have much more exercise to burn the fat after going home.

I also took a city night tour alone, only brought my GPS. I walked to Merdeka Walk, an area of food court, to Post Office Fountain, and just pass by to the old city.

The next day I packed my luggage and went back to my hometown. However, I still had time to have a simple breakfast, noodle of Bakmi Khek. It is located on the same street of my hotel.

I felt that my short holiday was not so satisfying me, but next time I will arrange a longer time to enjoy all good view there. The local people said that I should visit Danau Toba, Parapat, Brastagi, and many wonderful places there.

Now it is time for me to go back to my daily routine activity. I am still waiting for a more interesting promotion of low fare tickets and hotels.