May 19, 2011

Kid, you are special..

Child is a gift from God.

Parents should receive this gift with a grateful heart. Each child has its unique character, either good or bad. It’s the parents’ privilege to raise their children with all their characters.

Nowadays, we found many children were born with a special exceptional tendency. Some people named them as special need kids. The others called them as hyperactive children.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

ADHD is a common mental disorder in children and adolescents that may begin in preschool or early elementary years and has a median age of seven years
Hyperactive children are characterized by continuous talking, in constant motion with trouble sitting still and experiencing difficulty doing quiet tasks or activities.
They may roam around the room, squirm in their seats, wiggle their feet, touch everything, or noisily tap a pencil.
They may also feel intensely restless.

Whatever the names are, the kids should have a special treatment and attention.

I have a relative who happens to get the opportunity to raise a daughter with a special behavior like that.
The doctor told that the cause of this deviation can’t be specified in detail. He assumed that the food is the caution.
While the mother was still in the pregnancy period, she used to eat a lot of seafood, which actually content a lot of Plumbum (Pb). It is a very danger to our body.
She often fed the baby with the mixture of salmon and caviar also. The measures of the Pb were too over for that kid. Probably it was one of the causes for the abnormality.

At first, the mother didn’t recognize that her baby had some differences compare with others. This baby girl seemed to have her own world; she didn’t give a normal reaction toward her parents cuddle. But the mother thought that perhaps it was normal, until everybody commented about this deviation. Then, she consulted about this matter to a specialist, and got a very shocking result. Her baby was diagnosed to be a hyperactive kid, and need to have much more awareness from the parents. Some foods, which may increase the risk for hyperactive behavior, should be avoided. There are many prohibitions and exception in the meal, such as: milk, yogurt, cheese and ice cream, and gluten or wheat products including pasta, cereal and bread. This makes the kid thinner than the others on the same age.

The difference also appears on the ability of speech. This girl is less on this matter. On the age of 2, she tends to be very quiet. While actually kid on that period has the tendency to speak a lot of words. All of the people surround push her to talk and utter her words. It really takes an extra patient to take care of her.

If some time the kid is happened to eat the forbidden meal, the side effect is annoying for her.
It seems that she has a super energy to jump and run and dance and do her activities, while actually she is very tired. Then, after the effect was disappeared, she will fall down and collapse and immediately fall asleep.

Her parents have already tried many therapies for the kid. Many treatments have been applied. However, it seems that there is still no big progress about this.
Luckily, the family really supports the parents very much. Otherwise, they will be depressed.

There are many schools for this kind of children. They need a special person who concern about this. Even, there is a study to emphasis these matters, which are focusing on the healing and recovery on the deviation, either from the psychological or educational point of view.
Don’t underestimate the kids, yet abandon them. They didn’t choose to be born with those unique manners.
The kids are the next generations which are expected to build this world, that is why, they must be maximized in all way. Treat them with love, and they will grow up to a better life.

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