May 11, 2011


These days, almost everyone will be really depended on the internet, either for personal usage or for business.

I myself, mostly use the internet just for fun. I join the social network site and a few chatting rooms.

More over, after I had my smart phone. I never missed one single day without internet, almost nonstop. I turned it off only when the phone being recharge,

Sometimes I felt that I am addicted already. Then, I tried to make a deal to myself, not to use my smart phone within 24hours. I have made it twice. Not too difficult.

Now, I plan to enhance the period and add the regulation. I will make it three days, not only fasting from using the smart phone, but also from chatting via PC also.
I will keep my smart phone away from my hand within 3x24hours, otherwise I can still open the Facebook and chatting rooms.

For me, I think it will be very difficult at the beginning, since I used to hold my smart phone wherever I go. Even, in my busy working day, I still tried to peep out to the chat rooms, only to check the chit chat activities of my friends.
Also I used to chat via PC in the office.
I imagine that my days will be very quiet in my fasting days.

It’s my personal experience living without any interference from the social networking sites and chat rooms.
Perhaps you will think that I am too odd to write about it. Never mind. I just want to share my weird experience. How I even become sick just because I am not making any action to my smart phone.

Let’s take a look at my three struggling “black out” days.

Day 1
Kringggggggggggggggggggg… my alarm wakes me up.
What a big day..
This is my first day trying to live without contacting my friends in the virtual world.
I hope I can handle it.
Usually I take a look at my Facebook, to see my friends’ status and comment there.
This morning I almost did that daily ritual thing, but luckily I remembered my promise not to touch my smart phone for the Facebook and chatting activities.

I arrive at my office. Usually I turn on the PC, check my email and then open my chat rooms.
Today, I only check the email. No chat room.
What a very quiet moment.
I miss my friend who used to greet me and chat with me regularly.

Lunch time
I used to take a look at the Facebook. But today, I don’t do that.
Very silent

Can I continue this until the next three days?

Quiet.. no chat at all
I have already missed my chat friends.

I have finished cleaning my house.

Now what…
I lay on my bed, not with my smart phone, reading a book.

I am too sleepy to continue my reading.

Finally I can end this day without my smart phone and without doing the chitchat activities. Not too bad.

Day 2

Kringggggggggggggggggggg… I am awakened by the alarm.
This is second day without my smart phone.
I think I can handle it. Yesterday, sometimes I felt lonely without doing the chit chat.
The good news is: I almost finished reading my 200pages book.

I arrive at my office. I turn on the PC, check my email, nothing special.
I miss my chitchat friend to whom I used to tell a lot of stories.

The time flies very fast today because I have a lot of work to do.

What happened there in my Facebook?
I miss all my virtual friends, all their comments and status on the wall.

I arrive home tiredly.

OMG…I have a bad influenza. I can’t breathe normally.
My nose is full with snot. I was sneezing all day. It seems that I have lost my antibody.
My husband teased me and said that I am sick because I am parted with my smart phone.
Tonight, I slept earlier.

Day 3

The third day of my chit chat fasting is coming.
I can’t stand it any longer.
I take a look at my Facebook, only read it at a glance, but I don’t write and comment anything.

I sit on my desk, open the email.
I am not in a fit health. I have a dizzy head and sleepy eyes, after taking my medicines.

I think I should take rest for a while.

Pfiuhhh…what a busy day.

30 minutes left before going home

I have no energy at all tonight. I feel very weak because of this influenza.
My husband keeps teasing me that I will be recovered as soon as I ended my fasting days.

Day 4
So amazing
I feel better today.
My husband tells me that I am healthier because today I can start my chatting session. 

No more fasting. I think he has the point here. A little bit correct.

Three days without chatting and Facebook seems like three weeks for me.
However, I can handle it.
Someday, I will increase the period into a week or even 30days.

I will write about it next time.

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