May 28, 2011


Sometimes human need to have a retreat in their life, in which they can have a recollection about all the blessing they have received.

This can recharge a new spirit toward the soul.

A very busy and hectic working activity will cause a fatigue body. Boring will drop off our productivity.
Even the permanence situation of it will also be harmful to the mind.

That is why a little refreshing can really help. We deserve to be rewarded after all of our doings.
If you think that nobody will reward you, you can make it for yourselves.

We don’t need an extra sum of money to get a refreshing.
Sometimes, sit in a massage room for two hours can give a relaxation for a tired body.
Hanging out with our friends in a shopping mall may have a good result too. However we must remember not to shop too much. Otherwise, we will make a new problem, the rising bill at the end of the month. (refer to my previous article )

A couple days of a weekend holiday in a beach or mountain may be a solution for us who try to find a refreshing. Nowadays, a lot of promo of low fare tickets and accommodation are given to the customer.

So let’s pampers ourselves. Choose your own relaxation way.

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