May 20, 2011

Ssssstttt … be quiet

I and my husband have just moved to our new apartment for almost two months.

Everything sounds perfect for us, except our next door neighbor. I think the occupant is a single young woman, because I never saw her husband. We also never communicate each other, because she’s already left her room before I go to the office early in the morning. Only once we happened to be in the same lift.

Actually there is nothing wrong with her but the noisy sound which is always heard in the morning and night.
She turns on the music very loud, and sings loudly too. It happens almost every day.
My guest who has ever stayed overnight at my apartment urged me to complain to the apartment management. But I don’t take much concern about it.

One afternoon, I happened to set up a curtain to my windows. The wall needed to be drilled.

Actually there is a regulation from the management not to do any repairs that can emerge a noisy sound, over the working hours. It was already 6pm at that time. I thought the drilling process didn’t take much time. However, since the wall was very tough to be drilled, it caused a very loud sound. Then I got a warning from the management to stop the work immediately because of some complaints from the neighbor.

I gave my objection to them, because at the same time, I also heard another sound of drilling outside.
Then they gave me a tolerant to finish the drilling process and fix the curtain as soon as possible. Just for this time only.
Lucky me!

What make me curios is which neighbor made that complain?
Because the drilling sound, is almost similar with the other drilling sound heard at almost every afternoon.
Why should they complain me?

I take a lesson from this case that I must be very careful not to make any disturbance to the surrounding. It is an apartment, occupied by many people from many different backgrounds and will. So, I must be aware of the privacy of each occupant.

If I don’t want to get any disturbance, I should not disturb others too.
Then we can live together in a cozy and pleasant environment.

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