Jun 22, 2011

Self control

Self control is the ability to control one's emotions, behavior and desires in order to obtain some reward later.
We must have it toward a temptation

Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell.
~Author Unknown

It's all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back.
~Mick Jagger

Many aspects of our live need this. Otherwise we will face worse consequence.

For example: we should control ourselves in eating, not too much in the portion. If we fail, then we will eat as much as our stomach can accept, then we will have a terrible in our digestion.
The side effect that can be seen directly, if we do not have a self control on our food, is the enlarging size of our body. Moreover we will have the unhealthy body too.

In our relationship with others, we must also make a very high self control to avoid any conflicts. Since everybody might have their own will, we should be aware to tolerate them. If not, we are going to have a lot of enemies wherever we go. In our working place, school, even inside our family, we can have a conflict sometimes. Try to be more patient then emerge the self control.

Self control is a tool to stay away from any contradiction opinion. It is not an easy thing to do. Because we are easily tempted to justify ourselves as the most correct one and blame others.

In our utterance, we must also be very careful. Not easily stated a word that can hurt others. Again, self control is the most important one.

In every action of our live, this self control roles a lot.
Let’s start to increase our self control and make a better peace world.

You must admit you have self control before you can use it.
~Carrie Latet

Jun 21, 2011

Your plan is not always the same with God’s plan

Human being must have a plan in their life, either a simple plan or a complicated one.

After wake up, we start to plan our daily activities. Staying at home and doing the leisure, or working hard and meeting with an important client.
This is just an example of the planning.

For our life, we also have a planning.
We choose to study and take our degree, in order to have a better job. Then, after graduated we plan to work at the job which can earn much money.
Then we marry someone who is kind and pretty or handsome and live happily ever after.

However, not all our plan can always suit to God's plan.
Sometimes He will drive us to another plan of HIS, and lead us to walk through HIS path.

If we obey HIM, we will certainly have a brighter life though we cannot see it directly.
If we do not want to follow HIS way and stay firm with our own idea, perhaps we will face a trouble. Sometimes it does not appear in the beginning, everything seems to be very smooth. However in the middle of our life, the problem starts to occur. It is one of the sign that our way is not in the same path to HIS way.

If this happened to our life, we must ask HIS forgiveness and try to switch our step to the right track. Then hopefully everything will be brought back in the right way.
The theory seems very easy, but the practice is very difficult to be performed. Still we need to try and try everyday to be always in the same pattern with our GOD.

Our plan is not always the same with God's plan. At least we can try to match it.

He who fails to plan, plans to fail"

Jun 16, 2011


Masa muda masa belia
Masa kuliah sungguh ceria
Teman sahabat
Semua terjalin saling terikat

Tawa canda
Suka duka
Saling memberi
Tak lupa berbagi

Satu setengah dekade telah berlalu
Namun semuanya masih teringat selalu


Smua begitu melekat dalam sanubari
Bagaikan pagi yang bermentari

Ayo kawan
Mari berkumpul
Ayo sahabat
Silahkan bergabung

Semua kenangan
Yang telah tersimpul
Akan ditampung

Waktu yang singkat
Kan jadi saksi bisu
Kuatnya jalinan yang mengikat
Walau terpisah jarak dan waktu

(ditulis khusus untuk menyambut acara temu kangen Sastra Inggris UKP tgl 18 Juni dan 23 Juni)

Jun 8, 2011

Give thanks

Everyday we find a lot of things to appreciate.
Shiny day
Rainy day,
Fresh air
Clear water,
A complete part of healthy body,
And many more

We can even write hundred pages about the items we have in our life.

However, sometimes we disregard them all.
We think that all the good things that we have are not worth enough to be thankful.
Until only one of thousand good things is taken out from our life, then we will complain to God.

For example: in the sunny day, we never regard the sun shine. We complain about the hot weather.

But when we are caught in the rain, again we will grumble and complain about it.

Human being will never satisfy with their belongings and with the things they get.
When they don’t have any vehicle, they think that a motorcycle will be very great for them.
Then they begin to think about a car to stay away from the sun and rain.
Then they try to ask a newer type of car, and so on.
The complaint will never stop.

The small thing in our life that sometimes we forget about is our tears.
It helps us a lot.
I have ever heard the testimony of a man whose eyes can’t produce the tears anymore. He must buy the artificial teardrops which is only available at USA. Everyday he consumes at least 3 bottles. Each is about US$8.
If it is counted, we will realize how expensive our teardrops are.

There are still a lot of abundant but ignored blessings in our live.
Let us change our mindset everyday, start to see every single good thing around us.
Then, we will never fail to give our thanks to the CREATOR of our LIVE.