Jun 21, 2011

Your plan is not always the same with God’s plan

Human being must have a plan in their life, either a simple plan or a complicated one.

After wake up, we start to plan our daily activities. Staying at home and doing the leisure, or working hard and meeting with an important client.
This is just an example of the planning.

For our life, we also have a planning.
We choose to study and take our degree, in order to have a better job. Then, after graduated we plan to work at the job which can earn much money.
Then we marry someone who is kind and pretty or handsome and live happily ever after.

However, not all our plan can always suit to God's plan.
Sometimes He will drive us to another plan of HIS, and lead us to walk through HIS path.

If we obey HIM, we will certainly have a brighter life though we cannot see it directly.
If we do not want to follow HIS way and stay firm with our own idea, perhaps we will face a trouble. Sometimes it does not appear in the beginning, everything seems to be very smooth. However in the middle of our life, the problem starts to occur. It is one of the sign that our way is not in the same path to HIS way.

If this happened to our life, we must ask HIS forgiveness and try to switch our step to the right track. Then hopefully everything will be brought back in the right way.
The theory seems very easy, but the practice is very difficult to be performed. Still we need to try and try everyday to be always in the same pattern with our GOD.

Our plan is not always the same with God's plan. At least we can try to match it.

He who fails to plan, plans to fail"

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