Mar 15, 2013


It is more than 9months not writing at all. I had quite busy days lately.
It seemed that I could not focus and make some times to sit and write as usual.
This morning, I read an article about making a little time for writing. Only five minutes a day to sit and write some words.
This statement encourages me again to continue my writing habit.

However, now I have sat for more than five minutes, and no significant topics could be created.

It’s better for me to tell you all my experiences during this past nine months.

26 December 2012

My father got sick and should stay at the hospital for about 5days.
Luckily, he could get out from there before the year end. He left the hospital at 31 December 2012.


The new year has come.
All the revelation of the Mayas about the doomsday on the year 2012 has broken.
New hope and new revelation will cheer up our life.

February – the month of love

I began to write on my own blog: joyfulcherie. Created by my best friend two years ago on the Valentine’s day. Thanks to him.

During this month, I always have a lot of sweet memory about things that happen in my life.
My son, who has already lived in heaven, is celebrating his 11th birthday, right on the Valentine’s day. He is a son of love.
Right now I drop a tear from my eyes. I still remember how I delivered him into this world, but not even heard his crying. He was delivered in death condition.

However, God never leave me in sad circumstances forever.
His promise will never end in my life.

This year, He gives me a Valentine’s gift, which I and my husband never imagine about it.
You know what, exactly on the Valentine’s day, I just knew that I have already pregnant for 5weeks.
What a very great present for me.
I feel like a person who draw the grand prize lottery without even put a single dim on it.

Here’s the picture of my 5weeks baby.

I will tell you about the growth of my baby and all my pregnancy experiences in the next posting.

Right now I am very tired. Need to take a rest for a while.

Thank you for coming by and reading my experience.