Mar 30, 2011

Liburan...siapa takut!!

Liburan adalah saat yang dinantikan oleh hampir semua orang.
Untuk dapat menikmati liburan yang berkesan, biasanya kita mempersiapkan dari jauh-jauh hari, mulai dari tiket pesawat, hotel, dan lain sebagainya. Termasuk budget untuk liburan tersebut. Karena tiap tahun rasanya harga tiket dan hotel makin meningkat.

Hanya saja sekarang ini banyak sekali digembar gemborkan promosi tiket murah oleh airline tertentu. Dengan catatan untuk mendapatkan tiket pesawat maupun kamar hotel dengan harga murah itu kita harus memesannya jauh sebelum tanggal keberangkatan. Misalnya AIRASIA, AIRASIAGO
Untuk itu kita harus jeli dan rajin membuka website airline tersebut untuk bisa mendapatkan harga promosi.

Tapi tidak semua airline menerapkan hal seperti itu. Kebanyakan malah membuka harga mahal dulu, nanti jika sudah mendekati tanggal keberangkatan barulah harga murah nya dikeluarkan. Entah apa sebabnya. Misalnya: Lion Air, Mandala Airlines (sebelum ijin operasionalnya dicabut)..

Saya sendiri pernah beberapa kali mendapatkan tiket pesawat dengan harga murah hingga super murah.

Pernah pada waktu akan liburan lebaran, hingga kurang seminggu saya masih belum memiliki rencana apapun. Dan pada saat kurang 3 hari, saya iseng-iseng membuka website Lion Air untuk melihat harga rute Surabaya-Jakarta p.p untuk periode lebaran. Dan ternyata ada harga yang untuk periode “high season” termasuk murah. Yaitu sekitar 300 ribu rupiah sekali jalan. Langsung saya menghubungi agen travel langganan saya untuk melakukan reservasi dan pembelian tiket tersebut. (biasanya untuk periode lebaran harga tiket Surabaya-Jakarta adalah mulai 500ribuan sekali jalan, bandingkan juga harga tiket kereta api kelas eksekutif yang berkisar diharga 300-400ribuan)

Hal tersebut terulang lagi pada saat akhir tahun. Saya berencana untuk ke Jakarta pada tanggal 30Desember. Tetapi seperti kejadian yang sebelumnya, saya bermodalkan cara iseng-iseng melihat harga tiket. Mulai dari awal bulan, saya minta tolong agen travel saya untuk melakukan reservasi. Tapi harganya mahal sekali. Sekali jalan mencapai harga 500ribuan. Karena saya memiliki pengalaman bahwa semakin mepet waktunya semakin murah harga yang diberikan, maka saya menunggu sampai saat terakhir. Dan kejadian yang sama terulang. Pada tanggal 29 Desember, sekali lagi saya bisa mendapatkan tiket pesawat ke Jakarta seharga 300ribu rupiah sekali jalan.

Yang lebih mencengangkan lagi, pas lebaran tahun lalu. Pada waktu itu Mandala Airlines masih beroperasi.
Tepat kurang 4hari sebelum tanggal keberangkatan yang saya rencanakan, tiba-tiba muncul di website Mandala Air harga tiket pulang pergi Surabaya-Jakarta hanya 300ribu.
Suatu kejutan yang sangat menyenangkan sekali.

Sayang sekali sekarang Mandala Airlines sudah tidak beroperasi lagi.
Tepat dua hari sebelum ijin operasional Mandala Air dicabut, saya sempat membeli tiket secara online dengan rute Surabaya-Jakarta pulang pergi. Seharga 180ribuan. Tapi belum sempat saya berangkat, ijin nya dicabut. Sungguh mengecewakan.

Untuk penerbangan dengan memesan tiket dari jauh hari pun pernah saya lakukan juga. Naik Air Asia rute Surabaya Jakarta pulang pergi (sebelum rute ini ditutup) hanya dengan harga 42ribu rupiah saja.
Lebih murah dari biaya airport tax dan biaya taxi dari rumah saya ke airport.
Juga rute Surabaya-Medan pulang pergi hanya 150ribuan.

Biasanya berita promosi untuk Air Asia ini dimuat di koran, Facebook, dan bahkan dikirim melalui email.

Sebenarnya saya ingin sekali bisa menikmati penerbangan ke luar negeri dengan harga super murah. Namun karena keterbatasan waktu maka masih belum ada momen dan kesempatan yang tepat.

Secara singkat, ada banyak cara untuk bisa mendapatkan tiket pesawat dengan harga murah.
Ayo mumpung waktu liburan masih jauh, manfaatkan kesempatan untuk memperoleh tiket pesawat dengan harga murah. Siapa cepat dia dapat.
Atau tirulah cara saya. Semakin mepet waktunya semakin murah harga tiket yang diberikan (cara ini bisa diterapkan jika keberangkatan tersebut bukan merupakan suatu keharusan. Jadi berangkat hanya jika mendapat tiket murah)


Mar 25, 2011


SUPER SALE up to 90%...
(terms and conditions apply)

Let’s take a glance at the sale session, nearly at all shopping centers, we can find many women who carry at least one shopping bag. They seem to be on a shopping spree.

Almost all women like shopping. I do not mean to disregard men.
It’s one of the most interesting ways for relaxation for women.
Some magazine even wrote that shopping is stated to be one of the therapies to release stress. (Though the effect after shopping will cause another new stress, e.g: an over limit credit card, lack of money, etc)

It is said that while doing the shopping, they seemed to have an extra energy that burst out. They will ignore the exhaust feeling, pain on their leg, as long as they get the super cheap goods. And the cheaper the things they get, the more satisfied they will be.

Actually, in the period of sales, we must be very careful about the offers.
The sign of sales will be designed to attract us. Usually the stores make them in an extra big size, but add some tricky words also.
As stated above. SUPER SALE up to 90%
However the 90% discount is not applicable for all items. It’s only for few of them. Those are: the abnormal size, the extreme color item, the slow moving item.

The other store put the sign SALE 50% (for the second same item).
If the buyers do not aware of the sentence written in smaller font, they will be trapped.

During these periods, sometimes we compete with other people who happened to have the same targeted discount items. These are very risky for us, especially for women. As the best target for these big sales, usually they do not check the discounted items thoroughly, because they are afraid if others will take them first.
So, they will buy a cheap thing but not long lasted one

This is just a warning for the reader to be aware. Don’t be easily trapped with the BIGSALE signs. Shop till you drop, but do not drop your money.


Mar 22, 2011

What you want is not what you always get

In computer lingo, there is a phrase: WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET
We can not apply the phrase in our daily life.

As a human being, we have a lot of wishes and desires, just like others.
We need a car. We need new house appliance. We need a bigger house. We need these. We need those.
A lot of wishes will appear in our lives. Nobody lives without needs.

That is why there’s a fiction about Genie who can fulfill all our wishes.

However, not all our wishes can be fulfilled. We don’t have any genies or spirit or whatever it is named to serve us all days.
We must realize that sometimes we will not get all our desires. It’s because of the condition and situation of our life.

Sometimes what we want is not appropriate enough for our life, and GOD knows about it. That’s why He does not give permission for us to get it.
We must understand that although He seems to be very still and not have any concern to us, but He will give us the best thing according to His thought.

We do not get what we want but what GOD wants us to get.

Mar 21, 2011

Joyful Cherie

Just remembering
Of every single day I have passed
Year by year
Full of laughs and tears
Unspeakable feeling of
Love and Hope

Come oh come my cheerful mind
Hand in hand we will
Enlightened the world
Rejoice in the spirit
Imagine a great moment of an
Everlasting serenity

(Written on my 36th birthday)

Mar 18, 2011


In a very quiet suburb, there was an old couple who lived in a small house surrounded by a cozy garden. Mr and Mrs Still. They live quietly too inside the house. Never make any noisy and crowded sound. They lived their life peacefully. They were very gentle and friendly to all people at their neighborhood. They never conducted any bad behavior. They were always good to everyone.

Until one day, there came a young lady who stayed next door. Her name is Ms Chatty. She looked very cheerful and talkative. She liked to talk and chat.

Upon her arrival, there were a little bit changes in the street she lived. It became more cheerful because of the high volume of music all day. Every morning, Ms Chatty had already sat on the bench near Mr and Mrs Still’s garden, made telephone calls to her friends and chat for hours. Told them about everything happened in that place.

She also liked to stop by at her neighbors, just to say hello and have a little chit chat here and there. Soon, she was quite well-known in that neighborhood.

One day, the Stills planned to cut down a very old big tree in their garden, since the dry leaves of the tree caused a lot of mess, and the twigs created a noisy sound in a windy season. So, they discussed about their plan.
“Darling, tomorrow we must work our plan. We can’t wait any longer. It’s very annoying. Mr. Woody will help us to execute the big body. We must cut it little by little until he got collapse. ”
“Ok. You make it bald first, and then I will do the rest”
“We should get rid of those bugs first.”
“We must prepare the axe, chopper, saw and all tools.

While they were talking about the tree cutting, Ms Chatty happened to overhear. However since the volume of the music inside is very loud, she can not grasp the whole conversation clearly. She was very shocked indeed. She hurriedly went to Mr Nosy’s house. She told him in trembling voice, “You would never believe me if you did not hear it directly. Mr and Mrs Still were not as good and gentle as their appearances. They were very sadistic. They said that they would execute Mr Woody because that bald and big body was an annoying bug. They want to cut him until collapse. They have prepared all the weapons.

Mr Nosy was also shocked. He directly drove his car to Mr Shabby’s store and told him about what he had just heard from Ms Chatty.
“Hi Mr Shabby, you know what. There would be a very brutal execution in our district. The Stills was not as still as we assumed. They would cut the annoying and big bald Mr Woody into pieces and prepared some bugs to get rid the collapsed body.”
“Is it true? Wow…let me tell my friend”
Then the story was told from one house to another house with various versions.

And the following day, everyone in that suburb was standing near the Still’s house and waiting for the execution.
When Mr Woody came to the Stills, all people whispered to one another. “Poor Mr Woody, he will end his life in the hand of a brutal and cruel old couple”.
When Mr and Mrs Still looked at the crowd, they were amazed and wondered.
They asked them why they stood outside the house. Then Mr Shabby asked Mr Still why he wanted to get rid of Mr Woody and give the body to the bugs.
Mr Still was very shocked and almost choked hearing the news. Then he explained to all people the real story.
And Ms Chatty as the first one, who spread out the wrong news, was suddenly disappeared. And not long after that incident, she moved out from the suburb.

The people at the suburb were back to the normal life again. The quiet and peaceful life.

We can learn from the story, that we must not spread the news or stories if we don’t know it very much. And we even add some “flavor” to the story to make it more “juicy”. The real story will be very different to the spread one. The effect of the spread rumor sometimes would hurt many people.
That is why we must be very careful in our talking.

Mar 17, 2011

Wonderwoman? or Superman?

 Who said that man is stronger than woman?
Although he has more muscles but the strength of a woman will overcome all.

Most of us should admit that woman is much more powerful than man.

Let’s talk about the double functions of a woman. Nowadays almost every woman must work outside home to increase the income. Early in the morning she has to prepare the meal for the family, arrange everything for the kids before going to school, and then go to her own working place.
At the afternoon she still has to do the housewife’s tasks, do the housework, and assist the kids to do the schoolwork.  She has almost no time for herself. I think woman really has an extra energy to do all duties.
While usually man just prepare for his own necessities. (the fact I stated here, is the condition in the most family, not mean to underestimate the man)

Let us find another example. A woman can bear the tremendous pain while delivering her baby. Just imagine if it is a man who must take that position. Wow... I think no babies will be delivered to this world. Seeing that man absolutely can’t push hard for bringing out the babies.

What else.
Hmmm … I find one more example.
Most ordinary man can’t stand to see blood. While every month, woman should have her period. What a very bloody time for a female.

There is also another example of woman strength. While doing the shopping time, she seems to have an additional magic power. She can walk around the shopping mall, from morning till dawn, if possible. Not feeling tired at all. While man, if he needs something, he will only come to one place and buy the things there. Done.

Actually there are still many cases which show that women are stronger than men.
So now all man…don’t you ever underestimate the woman for they have a hidden super power behind their calmness and weak appearance.

Mar 16, 2011

from Zero to Hero ... from Hero to Zero

Nowadays we often hear this term: from zero to hero. It is what the instant new comer in the showbiz named.

There are many singer competitions, talent shows, pop star contest in television. And off course they attracted the "talented" ones and drew the attention of most people even from the rather isolated place. They will come and join the audition of that contest.

From thousands they are extracted to ten with many qualifications. Then the competition is begun. The ten chosen qualified contestant will perform their ability, they will be trained and skilled with variety of issues. And one by one they will be eliminated because of the audience selection. At the end, there is only one person, the "most talented and qualified" one from the audience point of view.


Then this new comer will suddenly become a superstar. Many people will greet and salute him. Make him as their idol. All of a sudden, he must metamorphose his life. From just an ordinary people, he should transform into an artist. All habits must also be adjusted to the new life.

This is a very risky moment. If this new superstar cannot adapt the new circumstance, usually he will not survive much time. There is too much temptation in the showbiz world.  Drugs, alcohol, clubbing, adultery are very exciting for them.


Actually it is not only the new comer who must be very careful and alert to the temptation. Many senior artists were also trapped in the same issues. We heard so many stories about them being caught at the nightclub or hotel bringing some marijuana or narcotics, surrounded by women.

The news about this matter has just been broadcast widely. The case is blown up very quickly. The actor unexpectedly switched the glamorous life into an ordinary one in jail.

The fame and good name was vanished. Their fans will certainly be very disappointed to their attitudes. All mockery will be spread out. No more respects.


The jargon is changed. From zero to hero will reverse into "from hero to zero ".

It must be a very hard struggling time for them. It's difficult to recover the reputation after the unrespectable reaction from the fans.

After they were released from jail, they must start their life from the beginning. They must be very careful in life to avoid any embarrassment again.

Mar 15, 2011

Ulang tahun

Pada waktu saya masih kecil, saya sangat bersemangat sekali jika mendekati hari ulang tahun. Biasanya ulang tahun saya pastilah dirayakan dengan mengundang teman dan tetangga dekat rumah. Dan pada saat itu pastilah saya mendapat banyak hadiah dari orang tua, keluarga dan teman-teman.
Hal itu berlangsung hingga saya umur 7tahun.
Tahun demi tahun saya lewati begitu saja, tiap kali berulang tahun saya selalu mendapat ucapan selamat dari banyak teman dan saudara. Sampai saya memasuki usia yang ke 17tahun, saya juga begitu semangatnya menanti. Karena menurut tradisi, itu merupakan awal masa kedewasaan seseorang.
Demikianlah tahun demi tahun dilewati dengan cepat. Masa kuliah berlalu.
Hingga pada saat saya bekerja. Hari ulang tahun saya tampaknya terlewatkan begitu saja. Hanya beberapa teman saja yang masih mengingatnya. Dan saya pun tak seantusias seperti waktu ulang tahun yang sebelumnya.
Karena saya mulai sadar bahwa dengan melewati hari ulang tahun, berarti saya mengambil lagi jatah setahun dari umur yang diberikan TUHAN pada saya.
Saya mulai menghindari segala kemeriahan pesta ulang tahun. Saya lebih merenungi atas segala kebaikan dan berkat yang telah dilimpahkan selama setahun yang telah berlalu. Dan berpikir tentang kesempatan yang masih diberikan untuk saya lewati lagi.
Ulang tahun..selalu kita lalui..
Entah kita sadari atau tidak, hari-hari ini berlalu begitu cepatnya. Jangan sampai kita terlena dengan buaian kehidupan. Mari kita memanfaatkan umur, waktu dan kesempatan yang masih ada dengan sebaik-baiknya.

(Didedikasikan untuk semua teman dan saudara yang berulang tahun di bulan Maret)

Mar 11, 2011

No pride .. no power ..

We live in the world which seems very fragile.
Nowadays so many dreadful tragedies occur; earthquake is not a very strange phenomenon anymore.
Flood, storm, tornado are happening more and more.
Nobody can make a speculation about what will happen next.
Disasters will suddenly emerge without being noticed before.

Just now, Japan was shocked by 8.8 earth quake, followed by a tsunami.
Whilst Sumbawa – Indonesia, at the same time, has 6.6 earth quake. Many warning has been informed by the Meteorological Agency. However it’s just a warning. Not much effort can be made in this only short moment.

Human being can only pray and cry to their Creator. Hope that the disaster will not come to pass them.
This is the time to admit our weakness to the Almighty GOD.
No more proud, no more power, no more strength. All is useless when the disaster comes.

All arrogance and superiority will be banished.           
All earth is trembling when the natural disaster happened. Our mother nature is crying.
Nothing can be showed off anymore. All is in damage. Ruined and destroyed.


Mar 9, 2011

Do not judge the book by its cover

Pak Makmur, an owner of a mobile phone store in Jalan Kemakmuran, often experienced fraud in his store. And what surprised him the most was the criminal appearance which was looked neat, clean and tidy.

No one will think that it was only a camouflage of the crime they did.

On the contrary, there was Mr. Sahaja, a seller of household appliances, who was selling his goods around with his bicycle. His dark skin, because of the exposure of sunlight, looked dull and shabby. But he's making his living in a very honest way. No cheating at all.

We often prefer to interact with the people who is very neat (which may be full of deceit), than with the people like Mr. Sahaja. It’s all because of their appearances only.

My friend had a colleague who looked like a servant. She was not credible at all to become an accounting staff, surely no one will imagine that she was working in a public accounting firm as an auditor.

Now let us talk about most of the government officer who looked stylish but doing a lot of corruptions.

Which one will we choose to become our friend or partner or even our spouse?

Of course most of us will prefer a good looking person.
It is difficult to apply these words of wisdom: Do not judge the book by its cover.

Do not judge someone from his appearance only.

It is better to open our heart and our eyes to see people more from the sincerity and honesty of his heart.

Mar 7, 2011

pak untung dan pak syukur

"Untung orang itu masih hidup ya.."
"Untung cuma kendaraannya yg rusak, tapi orangnya nggak kenapa2.."
"Masih untung bukan kepalanya yang ketiban.."
dll dsb...
Semuanya diawali dengan kata "untung"

Itulah kebiasaan kita yang seharusnya tetap dilestarikan..
Selalu mensyukuri dan mengucapkan kata-kata keberuntungan itu.. Apapun yang terjadi.

Dalam segala sesuatunya kita sepatutnya bersyukur.
Untuk nafas yang masih kita miliki,
untuk udara yang masih bisa kita hirup dengan bebas,
untuk mata yang bisa melihat dengan jelas,
untuk telinga yang mendengar,
untuk tangan kaki yang berfungsi normal,
dan masih banyak hal-hal kecil yang seringkali dianggap sepele yang kadang terabaikan

Juga untuk segala hal buruk yang mungkin menimpa kita, kita harus mampu bersyukur.
Untuk penghasilan yang tampaknya sangat kurang,
untuk penyakit yang divoniskan dokter untuk kita,
untuk tempat tinggal kita yang atapnya bocor serta berada di daerah banjir,
untuk langganan yang telah menipu dan mengambil uang kita
untuk pasangan hidup yang mungkin sering menyakiti hati kita,

Dengan tetap bersyukur, maka beban hidup ini terasa lebih ringan.
Tak ada hal yang lebih berat dibandingkan dengan menjalani hidup ini tanpa rasa syukur dan merasa selalu jadi yang tak beruntung. Karena setiap tindakan dan pikiran kita pasti dipenuhi oleh gerutuan dan ketidakpuasan selalu. Dan hal itu bakal lebih membuat kita terpuruk.

 Jadi teringat syair lagu D Massiv yang jadi lagu favorit saya.
“Syukuri apa yang ada, hidup adalah anugrah.Tetap jalani hidup ini melakukan yang terbaik”

Kalau kita menyadari bahwa kehidupan yang telah kita terima ini merupakan suatu anugrah dan pemberian terbaik dari Tuhan, pasti kita akan berusaha mengisi dan memanfaatkannya sebaik mungkin. Dengan demikian kita akan bisa terus bangkit menuju kearah yang lebih baik lagi.

"Bukan kebahagiaan yang membuat kita bersyukur, tapi bersyukur akan membuat kita bahagia." (NN)

Mar 3, 2011

Hidup adalah pilihan

Semua orang, yang kaya ataupun miskin, cantik ataupun buruk rupa, pandai ataukah bodoh, seringkali mengeluh tentang betapa berat dan susahnya menjalani hidup ini.

Apakah hal ini tak bisa dihindari? Adakah pilihan bagi kita yang ingin merasakan keindahan hidup?

Tiap hari kita dihadapkan pada pilihan-pilihan. Dan kita harus memutuskan mana yang akan kita pilih. Dan tiap pilihan itu akan membuat kita menemukan berbagai pilihan selanjutnya secara berurutan.

Pagi hari.
Saat kita terjaga dari tidur kita semalaman.
Disini kita harus memilih, apakah kita mau membuka mata kita dan segera bangkit dari tempat tidur untuk melakukan kegiatan kita. Ataukah tetap memilih untuk tetap memejamkan mata dan meneruskan tidur kita.
Jika kita memilih untuk tetap terpejam, mungkin saja kita telah memutuskan untuk menghilangkan berbagai kesempatan emas yang bisa saja muncul di hari itu.
Tetapi sebaliknya jika kita segera membuka mata dan memanjatkan syukur kita karena telah diberikan perpanjangan waktu lagi dalam hidup, maka pilihan kita tersebut akan menghantarkan kita untuk bisa memasuki hari itu dan siap menerima berbagai keberhasilan.

Bagi kita yang berangkat kerja, dalam perjalanan bisa saja kita menemui pilihan-pilihan lagi. Misalnya pada saat akan melintasi lampu lalu lintas yang baru saja berubah menjadi warna merah. Jika kita memilih untuk tancap gas karena kita merasa terburu-buru dikejar waktu, maka bisa saja kita akan ditilang oleh pak polisi yang telah siap berdiri di jalan itu. Mau cepat malah jadi lambat.
Sebaliknya jika kita dengan sabar menunggu hingga lampu berubah jadi hijau lagi, dan pada saat berhenti itu kita membeli sesuatu dari penjual asongan yg menawari kita barang dagangannya. Berarti kita telah membagikan rejeki kita untuk pedagang itu.
Daripada kita kehilangan uang hanya untuk kesalahan kita sendiri, lebih baik kita berikan untuk orang yang lebih membutuhkannya.

Di tempat kerja.
Saat menerima telepon dari supplier baru yang memaksa kita untuk menerima penawarannya.
Mungkin kita bisa saja menolak dengan ditambahi kata-kata sengit yang semestinya tidak perlu kita ucapkan. Tapi apakah hal tersebut perlu? Bukankah hanya akan membuat orang tersebut sakit hati.
Bukankah lebih baik kita menolak secara halus agar tidak sampai membuatnya marah juga.

Atau jika kita yang menawarkan barang atau jasa ke para langganan.
JIka kita sampai ditolak, daripada kita menanggapinya dengan uring-uringan,
alangkah lebih bijaksana nya jika kita menerimanya  dengan sepenuh hati dan tetap ramah. Karena walaupun mungkin saat itu memang orang tersebut kurang memerlukan produk kita. Tetapi bisa saja disuatu kesempatan lain, karena keramahan kita maka orang tersebut akan mengingat dan menghubungi kita kembali.

Untuk ibu rumah tangga.
Walaupun hanya berada dirumah, banyak juga pilihan yang harus diambil. Mulai dari hal menyiapkan makanan untuk keluarga. Apakah memasak sendiri ataukah beli makanan siap saji. Apakah akan belanja di pasar atau di supermarket. Menu daging atau sayur. Jika ditulis satu persatu akan menghabiskan berpuluh-puluh lembar kertas.

Hal-hal diatas hanya sekelumit contoh berbagai pilihan yang terus kita hadapi. 
Banyak sekali pilihan yang akan kita jumpai sepanjang waktu hidup kita. Pilihan kecil dan besar. Pilihan untuk hal yang sepele hingga yang rumit. Pilihan yang baik atau buruk Pilihan untuk marah atau tersenyum. Pilihan untuk sabar atau uring-uringan. Semuanya tergantung kita. Jika kita tepat dalam mengambil suatu keputusan untuk pilihan kita, maka biasanya kita akan bisa lebih memaknai hidup ini dengan baik.

Hidup ini penuh dengan pilihan. Apakah kita memilih untuk mengisinya dengan segala yang positif, ataukah malah memenuhinya dengan hal-hal negatif yang akan menghabiskan seluruh energi kita.

Mar 1, 2011


“Giving is the indicator of love. You can give someone without loving him or her, but you can’t love someone without giving something to him or her”. It’s what my mom always says to me.

We know about the principle of sow and reap.
The more you give, the more you will get.
However we must keep in our mind not to think about the return. We must give it sincerely. Without any hidden intentions.

Sometimes we tend to give if we know that we will get something also from that person. Or even we try to attract God’s attention by “giving”. Who knows He will give us more in return.
It’s not good.

I want to share my recent experience about giving.

Being raised not in a wealthy family, I am not a kind of person who is easily giving. I will rather keep all things than give them away to others.
On the contrary, my husband is a very generous man.
He prefers to give others than keep the things for himself.

We always have many arguments about these matters. However again and again, I can see it clearly that by giving, we will not be poorer than before. Even, we will face many miraculous way happened.

Here’s the example.
Few weeks ago, he told me that he wanted to give his office driver a new cell phone, with a model that had an Islamic theme inside. Actually I did not agree with his idea since it will increase our monthly budget, but he insisted, finally I let him do it.

Days passed…we almost forget about it.

Two days ago, my husband was asked by his boss whether he’s already had a flat LCD television. Because, the boss planned to buy it for my husband.
Thought that it was only a daydreaming, my husband didn’t take so much attention about it. Until yesterday, he was phoned and told that the television will be delivered to my house.
What a miracle. We never thought to have it before.
Now we have a 32inch LCD flat television.

At that time, my husband remembered that perhaps it’s because he gave the new cell  phone for the driver. And GOD used the boss to bless my husband with the new television.

Then, to reveal our thankful heart, we bought some dendeng for the boss.
And what a wonderful power of giving..
Today my friend gives me dendeng too. Very astonishing for me …

Now I suddenly remember the very similar situation happened many years ago during my childhood.
At that time, my family was in a vacation, and brought only a few cheap cookies in a small jar. In the middle of our trip, we met an old woman who seemed very hungry, and my mom gave our few cookies to her.
Then we came and stayed in my cousin’s house until the next two days. When we wanted to go home, she prepared a big bundle of bag, contained various type of delicious cookies placed in some big jars.
Surprisingly. As a replacement for only a few cheap cookies, we got these ones.

One small thing will be replaced by thousand big things. Not meant to overrate or exaggerate this matter. But it’s true.
That is what I meant with my statement before. The power of giving is very amazing. By giving, it shows that our heart is full of love. And the power of love will drive a very amazing situation too.

Honestly, I myself is still trying to learn more and more in giving. It’s not easy. But it’s not that difficult also.

Start to have a giving heart and see how many miracles will happen to your life.