May 31, 2011

Selamat ulang tahun Surabaya

Ditengah kebisingan lalu lintas
Diantara hiruk pikuk keramaian dijalanan
Ingatan akan hari jadi kotaku muncul selintas
Kota yang menjadi saksi bisu banyak kejadian

718 tahun
Bukan waktu yang singkat
Untuk sebuah kota yang telah terbangun
Dan dipenuhi dengan gedung-gedung bertingkat

Hampir disetiap penjuru kota
Tegak menjulang bangunan yang disebut plaza dan mall
Yang selalu menarik perhatian setiap mata
Untuk mengunjunginya…walau hanya untuk membeli sandal

Surabaya kota Pahlawan
Kota tempat ku bertumbuh
Semua tampak menawan
Bak buah matang yang menggoda untuk diunduh

Dibalik semua hangar bingar
Tersembunyi wajah sangar
Para penyamun

Kapankah kotaku aman kapankah kotaku nyaman
Bebas dari ancaman serta hantaman
Mungkinkah semua terjadi
Atau malah makin menjadi jadi

Surabaya tempat berkumpulnya kejahatan
Janganlah kita berpangku tangan
Marilah kita bangkit melawan
Agar jangan kita menjadi korban

(ditulis di hari jadi kota Surabaya tanggal 31/05/2011)

May 28, 2011


Sometimes human need to have a retreat in their life, in which they can have a recollection about all the blessing they have received.

This can recharge a new spirit toward the soul.

A very busy and hectic working activity will cause a fatigue body. Boring will drop off our productivity.
Even the permanence situation of it will also be harmful to the mind.

That is why a little refreshing can really help. We deserve to be rewarded after all of our doings.
If you think that nobody will reward you, you can make it for yourselves.

We don’t need an extra sum of money to get a refreshing.
Sometimes, sit in a massage room for two hours can give a relaxation for a tired body.
Hanging out with our friends in a shopping mall may have a good result too. However we must remember not to shop too much. Otherwise, we will make a new problem, the rising bill at the end of the month. (refer to my previous article )

A couple days of a weekend holiday in a beach or mountain may be a solution for us who try to find a refreshing. Nowadays, a lot of promo of low fare tickets and accommodation are given to the customer.

So let’s pampers ourselves. Choose your own relaxation way.

May 24, 2011

You are what you eat

You are what you eat

It is a common phrase we often heard.
It means that in order to be fit and healthy we need to eat good food.

Each person has a different point of view about this.
What is good food actually?
Must the food have an expensive price in order to be categorized as a good food?
Or must it have ingredients which are accomplished some standards from the food institution such as FDA in USA or BPOM in Indonesia.

When I was still at the Elementary School, my teacher used to teach us to eat a balance menu everyday. We called it “EMPAT SEHAT LIMA SEMPURNA”.
Each meal must contented carbohydrate, protein, vegetable, vitamin and milk.

Carbohydrate for Indonesian people will be found in a plate of rice (for Javanese), or Sago (for Ambonese), or even corn (for the Madurese).
Protein can be found in all kind of processed meat (poultry, cow, pork, etc) and also all kinds of processed bean (such as bean curd, tempe).
By eating vegetable, we are supposed to gain vitamins, just as we get from fruits.
Then, last but not least, we must drink milk. We will grow much bigger than those who don’t drink milk.

That is the doctrine we used to have during our childhood.

Now, the emphasis is changed.
It is said that we need fiber in our body. Especially for the people who wants to reduce the body weight.

Too much carbohydrate will deposit the calorie inside the body.
(usually we find it in the fast food)
This will be the source of fat if we don’t burn it well.

The protein should also be limited. And not all vegetables are good for our body.

Nowadays, a lot of variety of milk spread out of the store. Each has its own advantage, e.g: for diet, for increasing height, etc.

Health and good food for someone who goes on a diet is different from the normal people.
For the dieters, carbohydrate is the enemy for the body, whereas, it is really needed for the ordinary people.
However, fruit can still be put as the first rank of health and good food.

There are many methods to lose weight. Juice therapy sometimes is also applied. No rice at all. The followers say that it works for them.
Some says that salt diet can also reduce their weight.

Whatever the kinds of diet we follow, the purpose is to get a healthier body.
Good food makes our body fit and fresh.
If we eat good food, we will stay health. Our face and skin will also look fresh and shiny.

May 20, 2011

Ssssstttt … be quiet

I and my husband have just moved to our new apartment for almost two months.

Everything sounds perfect for us, except our next door neighbor. I think the occupant is a single young woman, because I never saw her husband. We also never communicate each other, because she’s already left her room before I go to the office early in the morning. Only once we happened to be in the same lift.

Actually there is nothing wrong with her but the noisy sound which is always heard in the morning and night.
She turns on the music very loud, and sings loudly too. It happens almost every day.
My guest who has ever stayed overnight at my apartment urged me to complain to the apartment management. But I don’t take much concern about it.

One afternoon, I happened to set up a curtain to my windows. The wall needed to be drilled.

Actually there is a regulation from the management not to do any repairs that can emerge a noisy sound, over the working hours. It was already 6pm at that time. I thought the drilling process didn’t take much time. However, since the wall was very tough to be drilled, it caused a very loud sound. Then I got a warning from the management to stop the work immediately because of some complaints from the neighbor.

I gave my objection to them, because at the same time, I also heard another sound of drilling outside.
Then they gave me a tolerant to finish the drilling process and fix the curtain as soon as possible. Just for this time only.
Lucky me!

What make me curios is which neighbor made that complain?
Because the drilling sound, is almost similar with the other drilling sound heard at almost every afternoon.
Why should they complain me?

I take a lesson from this case that I must be very careful not to make any disturbance to the surrounding. It is an apartment, occupied by many people from many different backgrounds and will. So, I must be aware of the privacy of each occupant.

If I don’t want to get any disturbance, I should not disturb others too.
Then we can live together in a cozy and pleasant environment.

May 19, 2011

Kid, you are special..

Child is a gift from God.

Parents should receive this gift with a grateful heart. Each child has its unique character, either good or bad. It’s the parents’ privilege to raise their children with all their characters.

Nowadays, we found many children were born with a special exceptional tendency. Some people named them as special need kids. The others called them as hyperactive children.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

ADHD is a common mental disorder in children and adolescents that may begin in preschool or early elementary years and has a median age of seven years
Hyperactive children are characterized by continuous talking, in constant motion with trouble sitting still and experiencing difficulty doing quiet tasks or activities.
They may roam around the room, squirm in their seats, wiggle their feet, touch everything, or noisily tap a pencil.
They may also feel intensely restless.

Whatever the names are, the kids should have a special treatment and attention.

I have a relative who happens to get the opportunity to raise a daughter with a special behavior like that.
The doctor told that the cause of this deviation can’t be specified in detail. He assumed that the food is the caution.
While the mother was still in the pregnancy period, she used to eat a lot of seafood, which actually content a lot of Plumbum (Pb). It is a very danger to our body.
She often fed the baby with the mixture of salmon and caviar also. The measures of the Pb were too over for that kid. Probably it was one of the causes for the abnormality.

At first, the mother didn’t recognize that her baby had some differences compare with others. This baby girl seemed to have her own world; she didn’t give a normal reaction toward her parents cuddle. But the mother thought that perhaps it was normal, until everybody commented about this deviation. Then, she consulted about this matter to a specialist, and got a very shocking result. Her baby was diagnosed to be a hyperactive kid, and need to have much more awareness from the parents. Some foods, which may increase the risk for hyperactive behavior, should be avoided. There are many prohibitions and exception in the meal, such as: milk, yogurt, cheese and ice cream, and gluten or wheat products including pasta, cereal and bread. This makes the kid thinner than the others on the same age.

The difference also appears on the ability of speech. This girl is less on this matter. On the age of 2, she tends to be very quiet. While actually kid on that period has the tendency to speak a lot of words. All of the people surround push her to talk and utter her words. It really takes an extra patient to take care of her.

If some time the kid is happened to eat the forbidden meal, the side effect is annoying for her.
It seems that she has a super energy to jump and run and dance and do her activities, while actually she is very tired. Then, after the effect was disappeared, she will fall down and collapse and immediately fall asleep.

Her parents have already tried many therapies for the kid. Many treatments have been applied. However, it seems that there is still no big progress about this.
Luckily, the family really supports the parents very much. Otherwise, they will be depressed.

There are many schools for this kind of children. They need a special person who concern about this. Even, there is a study to emphasis these matters, which are focusing on the healing and recovery on the deviation, either from the psychological or educational point of view.
Don’t underestimate the kids, yet abandon them. They didn’t choose to be born with those unique manners.
The kids are the next generations which are expected to build this world, that is why, they must be maximized in all way. Treat them with love, and they will grow up to a better life.

May 11, 2011


These days, almost everyone will be really depended on the internet, either for personal usage or for business.

I myself, mostly use the internet just for fun. I join the social network site and a few chatting rooms.

More over, after I had my smart phone. I never missed one single day without internet, almost nonstop. I turned it off only when the phone being recharge,

Sometimes I felt that I am addicted already. Then, I tried to make a deal to myself, not to use my smart phone within 24hours. I have made it twice. Not too difficult.

Now, I plan to enhance the period and add the regulation. I will make it three days, not only fasting from using the smart phone, but also from chatting via PC also.
I will keep my smart phone away from my hand within 3x24hours, otherwise I can still open the Facebook and chatting rooms.

For me, I think it will be very difficult at the beginning, since I used to hold my smart phone wherever I go. Even, in my busy working day, I still tried to peep out to the chat rooms, only to check the chit chat activities of my friends.
Also I used to chat via PC in the office.
I imagine that my days will be very quiet in my fasting days.

It’s my personal experience living without any interference from the social networking sites and chat rooms.
Perhaps you will think that I am too odd to write about it. Never mind. I just want to share my weird experience. How I even become sick just because I am not making any action to my smart phone.

Let’s take a look at my three struggling “black out” days.

Day 1
Kringggggggggggggggggggg… my alarm wakes me up.
What a big day..
This is my first day trying to live without contacting my friends in the virtual world.
I hope I can handle it.
Usually I take a look at my Facebook, to see my friends’ status and comment there.
This morning I almost did that daily ritual thing, but luckily I remembered my promise not to touch my smart phone for the Facebook and chatting activities.

I arrive at my office. Usually I turn on the PC, check my email and then open my chat rooms.
Today, I only check the email. No chat room.
What a very quiet moment.
I miss my friend who used to greet me and chat with me regularly.

Lunch time
I used to take a look at the Facebook. But today, I don’t do that.
Very silent

Can I continue this until the next three days?

Quiet.. no chat at all
I have already missed my chat friends.

I have finished cleaning my house.

Now what…
I lay on my bed, not with my smart phone, reading a book.

I am too sleepy to continue my reading.

Finally I can end this day without my smart phone and without doing the chitchat activities. Not too bad.

Day 2

Kringggggggggggggggggggg… I am awakened by the alarm.
This is second day without my smart phone.
I think I can handle it. Yesterday, sometimes I felt lonely without doing the chit chat.
The good news is: I almost finished reading my 200pages book.

I arrive at my office. I turn on the PC, check my email, nothing special.
I miss my chitchat friend to whom I used to tell a lot of stories.

The time flies very fast today because I have a lot of work to do.

What happened there in my Facebook?
I miss all my virtual friends, all their comments and status on the wall.

I arrive home tiredly.

OMG…I have a bad influenza. I can’t breathe normally.
My nose is full with snot. I was sneezing all day. It seems that I have lost my antibody.
My husband teased me and said that I am sick because I am parted with my smart phone.
Tonight, I slept earlier.

Day 3

The third day of my chit chat fasting is coming.
I can’t stand it any longer.
I take a look at my Facebook, only read it at a glance, but I don’t write and comment anything.

I sit on my desk, open the email.
I am not in a fit health. I have a dizzy head and sleepy eyes, after taking my medicines.

I think I should take rest for a while.

Pfiuhhh…what a busy day.

30 minutes left before going home

I have no energy at all tonight. I feel very weak because of this influenza.
My husband keeps teasing me that I will be recovered as soon as I ended my fasting days.

Day 4
So amazing
I feel better today.
My husband tells me that I am healthier because today I can start my chatting session. 

No more fasting. I think he has the point here. A little bit correct.

Three days without chatting and Facebook seems like three weeks for me.
However, I can handle it.
Someday, I will increase the period into a week or even 30days.

I will write about it next time.