May 24, 2011

You are what you eat

You are what you eat

It is a common phrase we often heard.
It means that in order to be fit and healthy we need to eat good food.

Each person has a different point of view about this.
What is good food actually?
Must the food have an expensive price in order to be categorized as a good food?
Or must it have ingredients which are accomplished some standards from the food institution such as FDA in USA or BPOM in Indonesia.

When I was still at the Elementary School, my teacher used to teach us to eat a balance menu everyday. We called it “EMPAT SEHAT LIMA SEMPURNA”.
Each meal must contented carbohydrate, protein, vegetable, vitamin and milk.

Carbohydrate for Indonesian people will be found in a plate of rice (for Javanese), or Sago (for Ambonese), or even corn (for the Madurese).
Protein can be found in all kind of processed meat (poultry, cow, pork, etc) and also all kinds of processed bean (such as bean curd, tempe).
By eating vegetable, we are supposed to gain vitamins, just as we get from fruits.
Then, last but not least, we must drink milk. We will grow much bigger than those who don’t drink milk.

That is the doctrine we used to have during our childhood.

Now, the emphasis is changed.
It is said that we need fiber in our body. Especially for the people who wants to reduce the body weight.

Too much carbohydrate will deposit the calorie inside the body.
(usually we find it in the fast food)
This will be the source of fat if we don’t burn it well.

The protein should also be limited. And not all vegetables are good for our body.

Nowadays, a lot of variety of milk spread out of the store. Each has its own advantage, e.g: for diet, for increasing height, etc.

Health and good food for someone who goes on a diet is different from the normal people.
For the dieters, carbohydrate is the enemy for the body, whereas, it is really needed for the ordinary people.
However, fruit can still be put as the first rank of health and good food.

There are many methods to lose weight. Juice therapy sometimes is also applied. No rice at all. The followers say that it works for them.
Some says that salt diet can also reduce their weight.

Whatever the kinds of diet we follow, the purpose is to get a healthier body.
Good food makes our body fit and fresh.
If we eat good food, we will stay health. Our face and skin will also look fresh and shiny.

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  1. The title of this article reminds me of a classic song by Genesis:

    young man says 'you are what you eat' - eat well.
    old man says 'you are what you wear' - wear well.

    and i end up humming the tune of this wonderful piece...

    "dancing out with the moonlit knight
    knights of the Green Shield stamp and shout..."