Apr 30, 2012


Z is for Zero

Z is the 26th letter.
Finally I reach this letter after one full month being raced in the challenge.
Thanks for A to Z challenge for making me think and think everyday what I must write about.
And after this posting, I will take a break first.
No posting anymore for a while.
Zero posting on May, because I have zero ideas right now.

Apr 29, 2012


Yes, finally this A to Z challenge almost reach its end.
Yes, finally I can do it
Yes, tomorrow is the last posting for the A to Z.
Yes, and yes..this challenge really improve my posting.

Apr 28, 2012


X (ex /ɛks/, plural exes) is the twenty-fourth letter in our basic latin language.

This letter is rarely used in our daily language. For example: xray, xylophone,

But it can have some applications:
X sometimes represents unknown thing or person. Mr X , X files, X Man

It can also be used as multiplication in mathematics symbol

X is also the Roman Symbol for ten.

I don’t have anything to write about this letter. Sorry. X_X       

Apr 27, 2012


W is for Wish

I have a lot of wishes in my life.
For me wish is similar to dream, or vision.

When I was still a girl, I wished to grow up quickly as a teenager and had a lot of friends to hang out together. This wish has been accomplished.
I had a lot of hang out friends at school.

Then, my wish was developed.
When I finished my high school, I wished to be graduated from a reputable university so that I can find a great job. I tried to achieve the best ranking from the university. In this point I failed. However I got a lot of experiences in student organization. I knew that it can be counted as an additional value to the working place.

Again I can reach my wishes. I graduated as a bachelor with a quite good score. Then I added my wishes.
I wished to work as an executive secretary for a big boss in a big well known company.
And I got my job, not match with my wishes, but almost the same. I worked as a secretary for a manager department in a company. Not too famous. Then I resigned and got another better job until now. I work as a secretary in a quite big company.

Just like other woman, I also wish to have a happy family, good husband, lovely kids, live in a cozy house. And this is already happened in my life.

Then my wishes kept added more and more. Mostly were accomplished.

Now I wish that this posting is read by a lot of reader around the world. It is not a big wish, anyway.

Apr 26, 2012


V is for Valentine’s Day

What is so special with this day?
It is celebrated on 14February.
Many girls born on 14 February will have Valentine as their names.
A lot of events held on this day.
It is known as the Day of Love.
Some couples even have their engagement day on this day too.

For me, Valentine’s day does not bring anything special for me.
I am not a kind of romantic person. I never join the celebration.
I consider that day is similar to the other days.

I am even feeling blue every Valentine’s day because I lost my baby boy right on that day, who actually became a price for my family.
However as a replacing, I received a special gift from my best friend.
It was this blog. Joyful Cherie, created on the Valentine’s day last year.

Every posting on this blog seems like I nurture my baby to make it grows bigger.
I know that people will think I am insane, but it is what I think about Joyful Cherie.

Now, what’s your opinion about Valentine’s Day!!!

Apr 25, 2012


I have one best friend.
He was my colleague at my previous working place.
We used to have a chit chat on our spare time. Only a year after we met, I resigned.
Then we have not contact each other.

Ten years after that, in coincidently we met again through the social network.
Then, we continue our friendship via messenger.
Although we can never meet on the real world, almost everyday we chat and share about our life on the virtual world.

It seems that we are so closed. Although we are not in the same gender, we do care on each other as a friend.
In his busiest time, I know that he will make time for me if I need to talk to him.
or sometimes it is just enough to know that he is there.

He is the one who knows my insanity, while others think that I am very quiet.

He is the one who suggested me to have my own blog, since he knew that I like to write. Then he created it for me.
I think I owe him much.
This blog is a valuable and priceless gift for me.

I dedicate this posting for him, my best friend.    

Apr 24, 2012


T is for Title

 This posting will have TITLE as its title.

Title is like a name. We can assume the character of people from their name.
Similar to it, from the title, we can approximately presume the content of the book or article or film.
Title is needed to illustrate and represent the whole content, though sometimes, the title does not fit at all.

This A to Z Challenge really challenges us to make a posting with the title of alphabet sequence. Post the most eye-catching title to the blog! Impress the reader with the most attractive one! Then your blog will be visited a lot.

Title is important to attract us.

What is your post’ title today?

Apr 23, 2012


 S is for Sunday

I miss one day posting because on Saturday I was very busy, and yesterday was Sunday in Indonesia.
And on Sunday I seldom connected to the internet.

Sunday is a special day for me because I don’t need to go to work.
It is a family day.
Sunday is time to have fun. It is the day of relaxing. 

Forget about the daily working routines, and enjoy the Sunday.

I just want to post this posting now.

Happy Belated Sunday..:D        

Apr 21, 2012


R is for Reading

I like reading. It is also reading in literary meaning, in which every letter and word will not be loose from my eyes to read. It is including the street banner, pamphlet, store announcement; even the word written on somebody’s T-Shirt will catch my attention to read.

I think I am a fast reader too.
I can read faster that others. For example: if other will take at least one day to read a 300pages novel, I can finish it only within 3-4hours nonstop (but it is also depend on the story). The more interested the book I read, the faster I will finish it.

Reading is interesting.
In this era, reading is not only limited from the printed books. We can find unlimited various topics from a lot of sources on the internet. Our world is opened wider now for everyone.

Reading is important.
If we want to add our knowledge just read the good reading.
We can learn much by reading the appropriate material.
I subscribe some writing tips from internet, and it helps me to increase my amateur ability in writing.

Don’t wait any longer.
Just grasp a book…and read it.

Apr 20, 2012


Q is for Quit.

Is there anybody in this A to Z challenge planning to quit from this quite distressing challenge?

All troubles will bring us to a decision, whether we face it and try to solve it, or we just give up and quit.
We must choose one.

Like my experience now. I also have a dilemma in this challenge. Should I continue writing and posting in my blog till the end of April, or just stop and quit now.
And I decide not to quit and try harder to finish the challenge till Z, although I cannot do it on schedule.

I still have 9 days to go….

Apr 19, 2012


P is for Promise

A promise made is a debt unpaid.  ~Robert Service
What is promise?
It is a declaration assuring that one will or will not do something.
Sometimes we say it a vow, an oath, or a pledge.

A couple of lover will make a lot of promises one another that they will life together forever until the end of the world. They promise not to leave the couple until death separates them.
A politician promises to build the country if he wins the election.
A businessman promises to the client that the agreement will advantage more than other can give.
And more ..and more…

We have a lot of quotation about promise. Most are saying that a promise is actually made to be broken.
It is assumed that many people cannot keep their promise.

Let’s read these quotes:
Promises are like babies:  easy to make, hard to deliver.  ~Author Unknown
Eggs and oaths are easily broken.  ~Danish Proverb
Promises and pie crusts are made to be broken.  ~Jonathan Swift
One must have a good memory to be able to keep the promises that one makes.  ~Friedrich Nietzsche

It is easy to make a promise, but it is very hard to make it real.
It is proven from time to time, in all country, in all era

Better not saying a promise if you are not sure about making it happened, because a promise is a debt.
 Promise little and do much.  ~Hebrew Proverb

We will be valued on our words.
Once you break it, nobody will trust to you anymore

Not the maker of plans and promises, but rather the one who offers faithful service in small matters.  This is the person who is most likely to achieve what is good and lasting. 
For every promise, there is price to pay.  ~Jim Rohn

Apr 18, 2012

Ouw Aem Jiiiii…

O is for OMG ….Oh My God!!!!

It is the most suitable exclamation shout in the middle of this A to Z challenge.
I am on the top of my frustrating state.

In my hectic working days, I also have to do my small online business, and I still have to think about what posting I will share in my blog.  

If  I can open my head and see the shape of my brain, 

I think it becomes smoky and shaky for the multi tasking use recently.

Everyday I am busy of the daily routine in my working place, in which I often do a multi tasking job in a second.
While answering the phone, I compose an email to my supplier. Or sometimes I send fax messages while I copy a bundle of document needed urgently.

And it is added with my own small online business on my smart phone, which need an extra attention too.
Then, with this April challenge, my activities are even more frantic.
As an amateur writer, I should think harder to share an interesting topic which is matching with the alphabet list everyday, while I used to write once a week or even once a month.

Oh my God…

Now, I still have ten remaining days.
What kind of posting should I write on these days?
     P – Q – R – S – T – U – V – W – X – Z

Give me some interesting title which I can explore for this A to Z challenge, and I will be very grateful for the ideas.

Apr 17, 2012


N is for Nothing

Nothing is very special in this posting
As I have said before, I am already confused in finding the quite attractive posting for the A to Z challenge.
Everything remains the same.
No progress in my writing.
My 14th day of blogging is miserable.

Do the other bloggers experience the same like me?
I don’t think so, because in my blogwalking, I found a lot of good posting in all blogs I visited.

Now is the day for O..
and the N posting doesn’t even finished yet..

I urgently need the suggestion about it.

Apr 15, 2012


M is for Mom

I have the best mom in the world.
She becomes my life inspiration in all aspects.

I remember how she took care of me and my brother during her busy and hectic days as an English teacher. She was still trying to pay attention to her children.

Since I was still a little kid, until I grew up as a teenager, even until now, she never left her responsibility to her family. Although sometimes she was looked tired and depressed because of the burden of life.
She is still a wonderful mother for me.

She taught me how to behave as a girl. She gave me a pattern of a good wife. How I should take care my own future family. How I should face all the life problem that may occur in my life.
How I should share my love to others.
And many good things..

Perhaps she cannot give me a lot of money or wealth. But she has put the most expensive and powerful one for me: She taught me to fear on the Lord. It is the most important thing in life.

Beside that, she tried to give me the best education she can grasp for me.
It is worth more than all the wealth in this world.

My mom really inspires me a lot. In her simplicity as an ordinary housewife, she roles as a very great mom.

Even in her old ages, she is still having a great courage and spirit.

I think I cannot stop writing about my mom. Too many words to say.

Mommy..I really do love you, and I am proud to be you daughter.

Apr 14, 2012


L is for Lazy

I don’t know since when I have been attacked by a very gigantic laziness. 
It seems that I do nothing during my days.
My daily tasks are done only by habit.
No spirit to achieve more.

Writing this blog challenge became a burden for an amateur writer like me.
Everyday I must think about a new interesting topic that can attract my reader.
I get stuck already.

What else should I explore in this remaining alphabet?
Still 14 days to go.

Sometimes I have so many words appear in my mind.
Just like this L schedule.
Actually I plan to write about Love, Life and Lust.
But in the middle of my writing, I can not continue it anymore.

Then, I delete all my composition, and begin to think about another topic.

I am very amazed to other bloggers who write in a very excellence way.
Really astonishing!!!

Back to the laziness I have now.
I feel that I need a long vacation.
Where I can have a relax time, no routine and unfinished tasks, no angry boss, no due date…

I am so very lazy to conclude this writing.

Apr 13, 2012

K is for......

Honestly, I really confused in choosing the K topic.
Nothing …
Not a single word begins with K appeared in my mind.
I tried to think and think…

I asked suggestions from my friends, did they have any ideas about this K letter?
They gave me some words: kiss, kill, Kentucky, kind, Koala, kangaroo, king, knife, kneel, knee, know, etc.
But none are hit my mind.

I open the Google and search for this letter, and try to find the words begin with K.
And I found the some definitions of K at Merriam Webster.
- It is the 11th letter of the English alphabet, before the letter L and after the letter J.
- It can stand for [kilo-]: thousand K (a salary of $24K), or: a unit of computer storage capacity equal to 1024bytes (uses of 350K of disc space)

K is unique for me.
What do you think?

Apr 11, 2012


J is for JOY

My friends often call me with that word: Joy, or sometimes only Jei (as you spell J).

Joy means happiness
It is not because of the prosperity only.
It is emerged from the blessed life.

Joy can make people smile.
Smiling people can influence other to have a smiling face too
A smiling face can cheer up the world.


Joy can’t be forced
The smiling effect can’t be imitated too.
The natural smile happens because of the happiness inside.
Not because of the impact outside.

I want to be the one who can cheer up the world with the joy of my life.
Through JOYFUL CHERIE, I will spread up the delight to anyone who needs it.


I is for Idea

Idea is the core of all things
There will be nothing if an idea was not coming out first
All inventions are emerged because of an idea.

All profession in this world needs an idea to finish the task.

Even to write this short posting, I need an idea. 


Apr 10, 2012

H is for HOME

There is no cozy and comfortable place as my house.
Maybe others will not agree with this statement, and say that theirs are more comfortable.

My place can be said as a tiny little house. I need only few steps to arrive to each room. I feel very comfortable here. All the furniture is in the small size, but they are all practical and useful.

However for some people, their house can’t be categorized as comfort places. It is not talking about the clean and tidy matter, or about the size of the house, or about the expensive furniture inside.
But it is more about the atmosphere.

Although they live in a big and luxurious house, some are even still considering their house as hell. Each member of the house does not care about others. They act like stranger toward one another. No peace, no love, no affection.

Not all houses can be a home for the people live inside

I remember my childhood film serial: LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE
The characters: Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, little Carrie, and other neighbors. They are a very lovely family. In their simplicity of life, they seemed very happy.

As for me and my family, my little house is also a really home for us. We love and affect each other.
No cruel word and scolded are heard.

Welcome to my Home Sweet Home

Apr 9, 2012


G is for GREEN

Happy Easter to all bloggers!

I just came back from long weekend holiday. Away from all gadgets that can help me posting the article for A to Z challenge.
Today I start to write the G, which was actually scheduled on the previous Saturday. Better late than never.


Thera are many variants in green colours.
Green grass, apple green, dark green, light green?

But what do you connote for this word?



What else?

Anyway, a Green is a Green

Although there will be a lot of connotation for this single word.

Green refers to nature. Almost all plants have green colours
They only turned to brown colours when they are dead.

In Indonesia, Green means “hijau”. It can also be applied to many connotations.
Meja hijau” refers to court, because usually the courtyard has a green table for the judge.

Also “matanya berubah menjadi hijau setelah melihat tumpukan uang yang banyak”.
It cannot be translated like this: The eyes turned to green after looking at the bundle of money.
The eyes turned green is not a literally meaning.
Indonesian people called it “Mata Duitan”. It is a person who loves money very much and wants to do anything just to get the money.

(I wonder about this calling. Since not all our currency have a green colour)

It can’t also be literary described as a house with green colour.
It is actually a place to conserve plants to keep our earth from global warming.

Now the green of our earth is decreasing because of this issue.
We can have comfortable feeling if we live in a green environment.

Go Green all bloggers…..

Apr 6, 2012


F for Fish

I have an aquarium in my house. 6months ago, I bought eight koi fishes and put them there.
The next day, one gold koi jumped out from the aquarium when nobody were not at home to help it back to its habitat. I just found the death body on the afternoon. I don't know why it did this silly action.

I had only the left seven koi fishes. I raised them, feeded them twice a day, cleaned and changed the water. Sometimes I talked to them (if I was in distressed mood)..what a crazy silly deed, huh..!!But this helped me release the badmood.

Within 3months only, they grew up bigger until the space was not enough anymore for them to move freely.

Then, I decided to moved my seven fishes to a bigger pond, not in my little space aquarium again.

Fortunately my friend had a lovely comfortable pond. I asked him to adopt all my fishes, and he agreed.

I was very sad when the fishes were taken. But, I'd rather set them free in the bigger pond than kept them in my small aquarium.

Now they grow much bigger and looked healthier in their new habitats.

Although it is only a small creature, but it deserved a better environment for their live.

Now, I have different types of fishes with a smaller size.
Hope they are leaving in my aquarium comfortably.

Apr 5, 2012


Today’s topic is about Exercise.

Continuing the previous topic about the extra calories spent in our body after eating a single piece of doughnut, exercise is needed to burn out those excess calories.

Everyday we consume many kinds of food, either healthy or junk. Each contains calories which are needed for our activities. However sometimes the calories we accept in our body are imbalance with our activities. There will be some surplus calories kept in our body. If this happen day by day, I dare to guarantee that we will swell up and increase our weight quickly.

Then it is time to think about starting the exercise.

It is sound so easy but actually it is very difficult to do, if we don’t encourage ourselves.

I myself have planned to do the exercise longtime ago, but never have enough spirit to start. So many reasons accompany the laziness.

Too tired…still sleepy…rain…cold weather…and so on …

The fact is that my weight is increasing more and more, so that I can't fit in my favorite jeans anymore.


As my decision to discipline myself to write on this blog everyday, that’s what I am supposed to do with this plan.

I should challenge myself to start my exercise starting tomorrow otherwise I will be looked as a chubby and flabby woman.