Apr 25, 2012


I have one best friend.
He was my colleague at my previous working place.
We used to have a chit chat on our spare time. Only a year after we met, I resigned.
Then we have not contact each other.

Ten years after that, in coincidently we met again through the social network.
Then, we continue our friendship via messenger.
Although we can never meet on the real world, almost everyday we chat and share about our life on the virtual world.

It seems that we are so closed. Although we are not in the same gender, we do care on each other as a friend.
In his busiest time, I know that he will make time for me if I need to talk to him.
or sometimes it is just enough to know that he is there.

He is the one who knows my insanity, while others think that I am very quiet.

He is the one who suggested me to have my own blog, since he knew that I like to write. Then he created it for me.
I think I owe him much.
This blog is a valuable and priceless gift for me.

I dedicate this posting for him, my best friend.    

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for sharing about your friend :)
    I've realised more recently that my friendships don't have to be affected by distance or how often I see them. You just pick up where you left off if you can see them & just be there for them.