Apr 21, 2012


R is for Reading

I like reading. It is also reading in literary meaning, in which every letter and word will not be loose from my eyes to read. It is including the street banner, pamphlet, store announcement; even the word written on somebody’s T-Shirt will catch my attention to read.

I think I am a fast reader too.
I can read faster that others. For example: if other will take at least one day to read a 300pages novel, I can finish it only within 3-4hours nonstop (but it is also depend on the story). The more interested the book I read, the faster I will finish it.

Reading is interesting.
In this era, reading is not only limited from the printed books. We can find unlimited various topics from a lot of sources on the internet. Our world is opened wider now for everyone.

Reading is important.
If we want to add our knowledge just read the good reading.
We can learn much by reading the appropriate material.
I subscribe some writing tips from internet, and it helps me to increase my amateur ability in writing.

Don’t wait any longer.
Just grasp a book…and read it.


  1. I LOVE to read, one of my favorite things actually to do EVER! I just finished hunger games in a day in half and on to number two with book three waiting for me!!! haha.

    Loved your R post!

    1. Hope you finish those three books soon...hahaha

  2. Reading is very important. I'm glad you're enjoying the A to Z Challenge. Good for you for making it so far.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

    1. Thank you for visiting me Kathy...

  3. I love to read. Always fun and relaxing for me. :) Happy reading!

  4. Hello, Cherie! I love reading, too! I've been such a bookworm every since I was little. I loved being read to, and when I could read on my own I didn't stop! I'm a fast reader, too, which is kind of annoying because I finish books way too quickly. I have to tell myself to slow down so I can savor it longer, but if a book is too good I can't help myself and zip through it!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend and happy A to Z!!