Apr 17, 2012


N is for Nothing

Nothing is very special in this posting
As I have said before, I am already confused in finding the quite attractive posting for the A to Z challenge.
Everything remains the same.
No progress in my writing.
My 14th day of blogging is miserable.

Do the other bloggers experience the same like me?
I don’t think so, because in my blogwalking, I found a lot of good posting in all blogs I visited.

Now is the day for O..
and the N posting doesn’t even finished yet..

I urgently need the suggestion about it.


  1. It is really hard to do the challenge. My blog started as a way to update people about my medical issues and then I just started posting something that interested me most days. For the challenge I've just been posting something that interests me where the first letter of the title matches... I think overall the challenge is improving my posts. Keep with it! I like the N for Nothing, I think many of us are getting frustrated.

    1. My blog was started one year ago just for fun. Only to improve my writing competency. And this challenge makes me more developed in writing.? Thanks for visiting my blog.