Apr 14, 2012


L is for Lazy

I don’t know since when I have been attacked by a very gigantic laziness. 
It seems that I do nothing during my days.
My daily tasks are done only by habit.
No spirit to achieve more.

Writing this blog challenge became a burden for an amateur writer like me.
Everyday I must think about a new interesting topic that can attract my reader.
I get stuck already.

What else should I explore in this remaining alphabet?
Still 14 days to go.

Sometimes I have so many words appear in my mind.
Just like this L schedule.
Actually I plan to write about Love, Life and Lust.
But in the middle of my writing, I can not continue it anymore.

Then, I delete all my composition, and begin to think about another topic.

I am very amazed to other bloggers who write in a very excellence way.
Really astonishing!!!

Back to the laziness I have now.
I feel that I need a long vacation.
Where I can have a relax time, no routine and unfinished tasks, no angry boss, no due date…

I am so very lazy to conclude this writing.

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