Apr 6, 2012


F for Fish

I have an aquarium in my house. 6months ago, I bought eight koi fishes and put them there.
The next day, one gold koi jumped out from the aquarium when nobody were not at home to help it back to its habitat. I just found the death body on the afternoon. I don't know why it did this silly action.

I had only the left seven koi fishes. I raised them, feeded them twice a day, cleaned and changed the water. Sometimes I talked to them (if I was in distressed mood)..what a crazy silly deed, huh..!!But this helped me release the badmood.

Within 3months only, they grew up bigger until the space was not enough anymore for them to move freely.

Then, I decided to moved my seven fishes to a bigger pond, not in my little space aquarium again.

Fortunately my friend had a lovely comfortable pond. I asked him to adopt all my fishes, and he agreed.

I was very sad when the fishes were taken. But, I'd rather set them free in the bigger pond than kept them in my small aquarium.

Now they grow much bigger and looked healthier in their new habitats.

Although it is only a small creature, but it deserved a better environment for their live.

Now, I have different types of fishes with a smaller size.
Hope they are leaving in my aquarium comfortably.


  1. Koi fishes are so pretty, but yeah, they do get big pretty fast.

  2. Koi Fish! i've always dreamed of having a big pond (& a big backyard) just so i can have koi fish and watch them swim.
    Great A-Z post!

    1. I hope your dream will come true.

  3. Fish can be quite therapeutic. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.

    1. Thanks for visiting Joyful Cherie.
      you have a nice blog too

  4. Hi Cherie,

    I am a fellow blogger from the AtoZ Challenge.

    Read your posts, nice little thoughts, nicely articulated, capable of making a profound difference to the reader's way of life :)

    And I liked the title of your blog too.

    Happy blogging throughout the month and after that.

    1. Thanks DJ.
      I have the inspiration blogtitle from my friend.

      Happy blogging too

  5. Hi... I'm planning to have fish in the near future... Actually since last two years... But never did the courage to even buy an aquarium... Nice post...