Apr 5, 2012


Today’s topic is about Exercise.

Continuing the previous topic about the extra calories spent in our body after eating a single piece of doughnut, exercise is needed to burn out those excess calories.

Everyday we consume many kinds of food, either healthy or junk. Each contains calories which are needed for our activities. However sometimes the calories we accept in our body are imbalance with our activities. There will be some surplus calories kept in our body. If this happen day by day, I dare to guarantee that we will swell up and increase our weight quickly.

Then it is time to think about starting the exercise.

It is sound so easy but actually it is very difficult to do, if we don’t encourage ourselves.

I myself have planned to do the exercise longtime ago, but never have enough spirit to start. So many reasons accompany the laziness.

Too tired…still sleepy…rain…cold weather…and so on …

The fact is that my weight is increasing more and more, so that I can't fit in my favorite jeans anymore.


As my decision to discipline myself to write on this blog everyday, that’s what I am supposed to do with this plan.

I should challenge myself to start my exercise starting tomorrow otherwise I will be looked as a chubby and flabby woman.


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  2. hi Pa Ul,
    sorry just reply to your comment.
    I will visit your blog.