Apr 26, 2012


V is for Valentine’s Day

What is so special with this day?
It is celebrated on 14February.
Many girls born on 14 February will have Valentine as their names.
A lot of events held on this day.
It is known as the Day of Love.
Some couples even have their engagement day on this day too.

For me, Valentine’s day does not bring anything special for me.
I am not a kind of romantic person. I never join the celebration.
I consider that day is similar to the other days.

I am even feeling blue every Valentine’s day because I lost my baby boy right on that day, who actually became a price for my family.
However as a replacing, I received a special gift from my best friend.
It was this blog. Joyful Cherie, created on the Valentine’s day last year.

Every posting on this blog seems like I nurture my baby to make it grows bigger.
I know that people will think I am insane, but it is what I think about Joyful Cherie.

Now, what’s your opinion about Valentine’s Day!!!

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  1. I'm indifferent, mostly. I can see doing something special for people you love--but there are 364 (and occasionally 365!) other days on which to do it as well.

    The Golden Eagle
    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective