Apr 29, 2011


Hi there
Awaiting for something
Pace and lace
Powerful and awful
Yet lovely and pleasant

Blaze the soul
In a burning flame
Reach the zeal
Till your thirst is satisfied
Are all conquered
Years after years

Save and sound
Across the border
My heart and yours
Mingle in a unity of
Youthful strength

(this poetry is specially written to my dearest friend who has inspired me in writing)

Apr 27, 2011


This morning I woke up sluggishly, after a long night raining.

I opened my window to get the fresh morning air. It was still raining, not a good entrance to start my day.
I moved slowly, then I looked at the sky, and amazed with my sight.

A beautiful big rainbow appeared there, so near to be grasped.

What a contrast view. In the middle of a dull rainy morning, GOD decorated the sky with colorful ribbon.

All of a sudden, I have a very good mood. A new energy encouraged me to be more enthusiastic
I feel ashamed not have a high quality spirit.

Now I want to fill my whole day with a good deed in an excited way.

Thank you LORD for giving me a beautiful rainbow!

Apr 26, 2011

Till death do us apart.

When I was still a girl, I imagined myself wearing a pretty ball gown as Cinderella. And when I grew up as an adult, I found that almost all girls have the same imagination like me. They were pretending as Princess Cinderella who was always loved by a very handsome Prince and lived happily ever after in a beautiful kingdom.

For me, this imagination grew bigger and bigger in the real life. Until I finally found my dream came true in my wedding day. I wore a beautiful ball gown and posed like a real Princess, walked together with my Prince Charming, pronounced the sacral vow to live together forever in good and bad times.

After all ceremony ended, our new life has just begun.

Everyone will certainly have a dream to have a happy ending life with their lovely spouse as in the fairy tale. A happy life of Prince Charming and Princess Beauty is in the imagination of all kids.

Actually the real marriage life is not as wonderful as our imagination. A lot of problems will emerge. The important things are the understanding toward each other.

I have an illustration about it.

Our marriage life can be seen as we are building a wonderful castle to live in. No matter how hard and difficult we face the process of building, we must continue it until the castle stand tough and sturdy to deal with the weather, storm and wind.

The process of building symbolizes the life itself. The couples are the builders. To build a strong building, we need the best material. Some of them are love, care, attention, honesty, and communication. And, the essential particle which must always be there is Trust.

Now let’s talk about the weather. It symbolizes the unsteady situation of the life. Sometimes, the shiny day can suddenly alter to the stormy one. It is just as the life. A happy family often annoyed by an unpleasant incident, either about money or health or even love affair with others.

Thus, the wind can represent a temptation to life. Although it is only a gentle wind, however the permanence of its breeze can make the couples insecure.

In order to make the marriage life more enchanted and brighter and avoid dullness, we also need to add ornaments in. A little bit surprising attention toward our spouse will certainly please them. A variation in sex life can also refresh the couples and be the brighter ornaments for life.

Marriage life is all depended on the couples. The happy story or even the tragic one will be decided by them. Their attitude will determine the ending.

Let’s make our marriage happily ever after, as our promises to the LORD: till death do us apart.

Apr 20, 2011

24hours fabulous holiday in MEDAN

Just want to share my great short holiday to Medan, a city in Sumatera Island.

Actually I did not plan about it. Almost 9 months ago, I saw a promo about air fare tickets of Air Asia in a social network site. Then, I chose a date which still had the cheapest fare, booked the seat, and paid.

I have tickets to Medan for a very cheap price.
Months passed, I almost forgot about it.
Until, I saw another promo about hotel. Searching again on the internet, luckily I got the very unbelievable price for a 3 stars hotel.

The d-day comes.
This is my first experience to have flight more than 2 hours. I never had it before.
On board, I felt boring. I have nothing to do to kill the time.
Next time, when I have any chance to go on a long time flight, I will prepare to bring books or magazine.

Poor me..
On the plane, in front of my seat, there is a very naughty boy who farted all the times. He climbed the seat and quaked on it.
What a horrible time. Three hours with a malice kid.

Welcome to the Medan Polonia Airport at Sumatera Island
I arrived there finally, in the third biggest city of Indonesia.
I took a taxi to drive me to the hotel, its only 15minutes from the airport.

Overall, the city was not too fascinating especially around my hotel which was located on the China Town. The traffics were very crowded. A lot of Medan Becak Trishaw there. I stayed in the middle of busy commerce area.

Actually, I had no idea where to go and what to do. I just wanted to have a relax time in a really new place, and enjoy the culinary here.

Then, I used the GPS on my smart phone. It really helped me in finding the route, since I did not know the way. (P.S: thanks for my dear friend who had installed the maps to my cellular)

The GPS was switched on, and so my culinary tour begun.

I started to look for many special food of Medan. Kwetiau, chicken noodle, bika ambon, bolu gulung, markisa syrup, and so many other yummy foods spreading around my hotel. All are in one single day only.
I don’t know how much kilograms will be added to my weight.
I should have much more exercise to burn the fat after going home.

I also took a city night tour alone, only brought my GPS. I walked to Merdeka Walk, an area of food court, to Post Office Fountain, and just pass by to the old city.

The next day I packed my luggage and went back to my hometown. However, I still had time to have a simple breakfast, noodle of Bakmi Khek. It is located on the same street of my hotel.

I felt that my short holiday was not so satisfying me, but next time I will arrange a longer time to enjoy all good view there. The local people said that I should visit Danau Toba, Parapat, Brastagi, and many wonderful places there.

Now it is time for me to go back to my daily routine activity. I am still waiting for a more interesting promotion of low fare tickets and hotels.


Apr 14, 2011


An old ugly dog
Lays down near a big log
He appears to be very solemn
No buddy 's around him

He glances
From a distanceWith his sleepy eyes
A group of puppies and kids
Play together
Run hither and thither

He sighs deeply
Lots of moments
Sweet and lovely
Emerge to his mind

The same playground
No change
But the world around
Gives him no chance

No more playing
No more kids
He gets older and older

He is only lying
Hope nobody would get him rid
Outside the border

He's daydreaming
Flying above the clouds
With a white wing
Looking at the crowds

Finding an old ugly dog
Lays down near a big log
He sleeps quietly
His solemn face is looked peacefully

An old ugly dog
Lays down near a big log
From dawn to dusk
His face shines brightly just as a smiling mask
Goodbye old buddy
Till we meet again in a better world

Apr 12, 2011


Let’s make an acquaintance with Mr. Worry, who happened to have an adventure through a rich man’s mind, after he saw the bank robbery news at the television.

“Hi, Mr. Worry, where are you going?”
Mr. Worry answers the writer’s question softly, almost whispering, “I am going to go through his mind, without being notified. Don’t make a noise. Please come with me if you are willing to”.

Then, we walk together into that man’s mind.

Mr. Worry starts to put a negative thought into his head.
“Don’t just sit here. Your money is on that bank. How can you stay still and act as if nothing happened to your wealth?”

The man begins to think about his money he kept in the bank. He is afraid if he lost all his savings. He walks here and there nervously and bites his lips. Rather sweaty.

Now he is thinking about how difficult he earns and saves that money. Then he is acting as if he has become bankrupt already.

Knowing that his reaction is just as what he wants, Mr. Worry continues to provoke him until finally he collapses of a heart attack.

Mr. Worry looks at his accomplishment with a very wide and big grin, full of satisfaction.
“Come on, let’s find another victim” says Mr. Worry to me.

Then, he goes as fast as a flash, leaves me alone here.

Thinking about my short adventure with Mr. Worry, I consider him to be categorized into a kind of virus which can weaken human being.
Actually, the robbery case is not as tremendous as he thought. However, as the worrying has already filled his mind, it is only getting his attention away from the real life focus.

What is Worry? I think every human in the world knows it.
Even a kid has already had this worry

According to Wikipedia, Worry is thoughts and images of a negative nature in which mental attempts are made to avoid anticipated potential threats.
Usually this kind of emotion caused an anxiety in our life.

I remember a statement in the Bible, it is written that your worry will not add even a single day of your life.

“Worry a little bit every day and in a lifetime you will lose a couple of years.
If something is wrong, fix it if you can.
But train yourself not to worry: Worry never fixes anything."
Ernest Hemingway

Just like the above story, Mr. Worry kept giving you a stress that weakens you until a level that you can’t bear anymore.

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do,  but it doesn't get you anywhere. 
Author Unknown

I have ever read a poem about worry.
There are two days that we should not worry, those are: Yesterday and Tomorrow.
Yesterday .
Yesterday has already passed, and even all the money in the world cannot bring it back.
It is gone forever.          
We shouldn’t worry about the past.

Tomorrow has its promise and burdens, but it is beyond our control.
Why should we trouble our life with it?

Actually people only worries about the bitterness that happened yesterday, and the fear that may come tomorrow.

If I may conclude, Worry will only tremble, weaken, and even ruin us. Worry does not make any benefit to our life.

It is better for us to throw away the worry and pessimist mind, and only keep the happy and optimist one along our life.


Apr 7, 2011


I have read a story about a young man who has a very good career at his early age.

When he was asked how he can reach that achievement, he declared a very shocking statement. He said that it’s because of his wife.  He confessed that all his success was accomplished only to be showed off to his wife. Truly speaking, he used to be embarrassed by the big family of his wife, since he did not come from a wealthy family. All his doing were always wrong. He was insulted day by day.

Wishing for a life change, he made a big effort in his working area. He transformed from an ordinary staff into a high level managerial staff, until he is trusted to handle a new branch office in Singapore.
At this level, his wife and all her family never humiliated him anymore. He became a high class people. Nobody dare to under estimate him.
However, the relation with his wife was not so fine.  The offense really hurt him.
The feeling keep his heart away from his family. Though they lived under the same roof and slept in the same room.
He just did the same habit everyday. He left to work early in the morning, and went back late in the afternoon. All his thought was only how to be more and more success.

I knew also a good career woman who had no spouse yet. She’d happened to be left by her boyfriend. In order to stop thinking about her broken heart, then she focused on her career only.  She worked hard until she became a very rich and successful woman. She tried to show to the world that she did not need any man at all to make her happy. She could do it by her own effort.

Actually, is it true that we must choose between career and happy family?
Can’t we have them both just as the railway path which will never be apart?
If the railway lost or broke one side of the path, then the train was not able to pass it.
When we separate career and family, it will look like a limp people that can’t walk as an ordinary one.

Let’s have an imagination for a while about the woman mentioned above.  Isn’t it more complete for her if her success in career is supported by a very good spouse beside her?
Also for the young man, I am pretty sure he will be happier if he built the career hand in hand with his wife.

However, life is full of ambiguity. Sometimes, we must take a preference between two choices though it is very difficult. It seems that only some that can have a happy family and a good career also. It depends on the willingness of the person themselves. Nobody can push or force them.

We all hope to have a wonderful life with a good career and also a very happy supported family.

Apr 2, 2011

Money .. Money .. Money

Rich or poor, it's good to have money.
- Sid Lance

We know that all people will need money to fulfill all the needs of their life.
Without money, people can do nothing.

In order to avoid hunger and thirst, we must buy food and drink, using money.
In order to protect our family, we need a secure residence. We need money to build or buy a house.
If we happen to be ill, we need a medical treatment. It also needs money.
Without money, we will suffer, since everything in this world has its price.

We need money to fulfill our daily needs. But we must categorize the needs. The urgent, the primary, the secondary, and the luxury needs
The must have needs should be put on the first priority.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. That is why we must be very wise and careful in using the money. However we must not be enslaved by the money.
I do really mean it.
We must have the power to control money, otherwise it will control us.
Don’t let the money overcome our life.

We have to agree with some people say, that love of  money is the root of all evil.
Even The King of Solomon had also written about it on the book of Proverbs.

Recently, the police have arrested a young woman who had cheated many customers from a famous bank. She used the money for her own purpose.  She could buy a very beautiful house in Australia, and had a very glamorous life style.

It’s only one of the examples of the slavery of human being by money.
That woman is controlled by the money. She did all crime just to satisfy her passion in using the money.
Because after she got a sum of money, she would try to get a bigger and bigger one.
And her ambition to be richer finally is ended in jail.

We can find many more examples about the power of money that can easily destroy people.   
Most crime is started because of money. Family can be broken because of greed.
Thieves do the theft because of money.

Money talks but money isn’t everything.                       

We must select what is needed more.  Then, we can spend the money wisely.