Apr 2, 2011

Money .. Money .. Money

Rich or poor, it's good to have money.
- Sid Lance

We know that all people will need money to fulfill all the needs of their life.
Without money, people can do nothing.

In order to avoid hunger and thirst, we must buy food and drink, using money.
In order to protect our family, we need a secure residence. We need money to build or buy a house.
If we happen to be ill, we need a medical treatment. It also needs money.
Without money, we will suffer, since everything in this world has its price.

We need money to fulfill our daily needs. But we must categorize the needs. The urgent, the primary, the secondary, and the luxury needs
The must have needs should be put on the first priority.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. That is why we must be very wise and careful in using the money. However we must not be enslaved by the money.
I do really mean it.
We must have the power to control money, otherwise it will control us.
Don’t let the money overcome our life.

We have to agree with some people say, that love of  money is the root of all evil.
Even The King of Solomon had also written about it on the book of Proverbs.

Recently, the police have arrested a young woman who had cheated many customers from a famous bank. She used the money for her own purpose.  She could buy a very beautiful house in Australia, and had a very glamorous life style.

It’s only one of the examples of the slavery of human being by money.
That woman is controlled by the money. She did all crime just to satisfy her passion in using the money.
Because after she got a sum of money, she would try to get a bigger and bigger one.
And her ambition to be richer finally is ended in jail.

We can find many more examples about the power of money that can easily destroy people.   
Most crime is started because of money. Family can be broken because of greed.
Thieves do the theft because of money.

Money talks but money isn’t everything.                       

We must select what is needed more.  Then, we can spend the money wisely.

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