Apr 7, 2011


I have read a story about a young man who has a very good career at his early age.

When he was asked how he can reach that achievement, he declared a very shocking statement. He said that it’s because of his wife.  He confessed that all his success was accomplished only to be showed off to his wife. Truly speaking, he used to be embarrassed by the big family of his wife, since he did not come from a wealthy family. All his doing were always wrong. He was insulted day by day.

Wishing for a life change, he made a big effort in his working area. He transformed from an ordinary staff into a high level managerial staff, until he is trusted to handle a new branch office in Singapore.
At this level, his wife and all her family never humiliated him anymore. He became a high class people. Nobody dare to under estimate him.
However, the relation with his wife was not so fine.  The offense really hurt him.
The feeling keep his heart away from his family. Though they lived under the same roof and slept in the same room.
He just did the same habit everyday. He left to work early in the morning, and went back late in the afternoon. All his thought was only how to be more and more success.

I knew also a good career woman who had no spouse yet. She’d happened to be left by her boyfriend. In order to stop thinking about her broken heart, then she focused on her career only.  She worked hard until she became a very rich and successful woman. She tried to show to the world that she did not need any man at all to make her happy. She could do it by her own effort.

Actually, is it true that we must choose between career and happy family?
Can’t we have them both just as the railway path which will never be apart?
If the railway lost or broke one side of the path, then the train was not able to pass it.
When we separate career and family, it will look like a limp people that can’t walk as an ordinary one.

Let’s have an imagination for a while about the woman mentioned above.  Isn’t it more complete for her if her success in career is supported by a very good spouse beside her?
Also for the young man, I am pretty sure he will be happier if he built the career hand in hand with his wife.

However, life is full of ambiguity. Sometimes, we must take a preference between two choices though it is very difficult. It seems that only some that can have a happy family and a good career also. It depends on the willingness of the person themselves. Nobody can push or force them.

We all hope to have a wonderful life with a good career and also a very happy supported family.

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  1. It's all about balance. :-)