Apr 26, 2011

Till death do us apart.

When I was still a girl, I imagined myself wearing a pretty ball gown as Cinderella. And when I grew up as an adult, I found that almost all girls have the same imagination like me. They were pretending as Princess Cinderella who was always loved by a very handsome Prince and lived happily ever after in a beautiful kingdom.

For me, this imagination grew bigger and bigger in the real life. Until I finally found my dream came true in my wedding day. I wore a beautiful ball gown and posed like a real Princess, walked together with my Prince Charming, pronounced the sacral vow to live together forever in good and bad times.

After all ceremony ended, our new life has just begun.

Everyone will certainly have a dream to have a happy ending life with their lovely spouse as in the fairy tale. A happy life of Prince Charming and Princess Beauty is in the imagination of all kids.

Actually the real marriage life is not as wonderful as our imagination. A lot of problems will emerge. The important things are the understanding toward each other.

I have an illustration about it.

Our marriage life can be seen as we are building a wonderful castle to live in. No matter how hard and difficult we face the process of building, we must continue it until the castle stand tough and sturdy to deal with the weather, storm and wind.

The process of building symbolizes the life itself. The couples are the builders. To build a strong building, we need the best material. Some of them are love, care, attention, honesty, and communication. And, the essential particle which must always be there is Trust.

Now let’s talk about the weather. It symbolizes the unsteady situation of the life. Sometimes, the shiny day can suddenly alter to the stormy one. It is just as the life. A happy family often annoyed by an unpleasant incident, either about money or health or even love affair with others.

Thus, the wind can represent a temptation to life. Although it is only a gentle wind, however the permanence of its breeze can make the couples insecure.

In order to make the marriage life more enchanted and brighter and avoid dullness, we also need to add ornaments in. A little bit surprising attention toward our spouse will certainly please them. A variation in sex life can also refresh the couples and be the brighter ornaments for life.

Marriage life is all depended on the couples. The happy story or even the tragic one will be decided by them. Their attitude will determine the ending.

Let’s make our marriage happily ever after, as our promises to the LORD: till death do us apart.

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