Apr 20, 2011

24hours fabulous holiday in MEDAN

Just want to share my great short holiday to Medan, a city in Sumatera Island.

Actually I did not plan about it. Almost 9 months ago, I saw a promo about air fare tickets of Air Asia in a social network site. Then, I chose a date which still had the cheapest fare, booked the seat, and paid.

I have tickets to Medan for a very cheap price.
Months passed, I almost forgot about it.
Until, I saw another promo about hotel. Searching again on the internet, luckily I got the very unbelievable price for a 3 stars hotel.

The d-day comes.
This is my first experience to have flight more than 2 hours. I never had it before.
On board, I felt boring. I have nothing to do to kill the time.
Next time, when I have any chance to go on a long time flight, I will prepare to bring books or magazine.

Poor me..
On the plane, in front of my seat, there is a very naughty boy who farted all the times. He climbed the seat and quaked on it.
What a horrible time. Three hours with a malice kid.

Welcome to the Medan Polonia Airport at Sumatera Island
I arrived there finally, in the third biggest city of Indonesia.
I took a taxi to drive me to the hotel, its only 15minutes from the airport.

Overall, the city was not too fascinating especially around my hotel which was located on the China Town. The traffics were very crowded. A lot of Medan Becak Trishaw there. I stayed in the middle of busy commerce area.

Actually, I had no idea where to go and what to do. I just wanted to have a relax time in a really new place, and enjoy the culinary here.

Then, I used the GPS on my smart phone. It really helped me in finding the route, since I did not know the way. (P.S: thanks for my dear friend who had installed the maps to my cellular)

The GPS was switched on, and so my culinary tour begun.

I started to look for many special food of Medan. Kwetiau, chicken noodle, bika ambon, bolu gulung, markisa syrup, and so many other yummy foods spreading around my hotel. All are in one single day only.
I don’t know how much kilograms will be added to my weight.
I should have much more exercise to burn the fat after going home.

I also took a city night tour alone, only brought my GPS. I walked to Merdeka Walk, an area of food court, to Post Office Fountain, and just pass by to the old city.

The next day I packed my luggage and went back to my hometown. However, I still had time to have a simple breakfast, noodle of Bakmi Khek. It is located on the same street of my hotel.

I felt that my short holiday was not so satisfying me, but next time I will arrange a longer time to enjoy all good view there. The local people said that I should visit Danau Toba, Parapat, Brastagi, and many wonderful places there.

Now it is time for me to go back to my daily routine activity. I am still waiting for a more interesting promotion of low fare tickets and hotels.


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