Jul 31, 2011

Marhaban ya Ramadhan.

Bulan puasa..

Setiap umat muslim di belahan dunia manapun akan mulai berpuasa selama sebulan penuh. Inilah saatnya untuk menahan segala hawa nafsu yang seringkali diumbar sembarangan.

Bulan puasa..
Bukan sekedar menahan rasa lapar. Tapi banyak sekali hal yang perlu dikendalikan selama bulan yang penuh rahmat ini.

Untuk orang yang suka marah, ini saatnya untuk lebih menjaga emosi.
Triknya ialah bersikap lebih sabar terhadap hal-hal yang dirasa dapat memancing kemarahan. Hitunglah 1 sampai 10, agar kemarahan yang tadinya siap meledak, agak tertahan dan diharapkan bisa mereda.

Untuk yang penuh iri dengki selama ini, di bulan puasa ini sebaiknya mulai mengurangi bahkan menghilangkan sikap yang sangat merugikan tersebut.
Misalnya: jangan membandingkan kelebihan orang lain dengan keadaan diri kita. Hal inilah yang biasanya dapat memicu rasa irihati. Sebaliknya selalu lah bersyukur dengan semua yang telah kita miliki.

Untuk mereka yang selama ini selalu memikirkan hal-hal yang porno, mulailah untuk menyingkirkan semua yang berbau pornografi. Hindarilah untuk mengisi pikiran dengan semua yang bisa membangkitkan nafsu.
Usahakan untuk mengalihkan perhatian dan pikiran ke hal lain yang lebih bermanfaat.

30hari berpuasa.
Bukan berarti setelah bulan ini berakhir, semua hawa nafsu yang tadinya tampak "terkekang" boleh diumbar lagi.
Tetapi sebaiknya semua hal baik yang telah dilakukan dan juga semua hal buruk yang sempat berhasil dihilangkan selama bulan puasa ini, tetap dilanjutkan di masa-masa selanjutnya.

Bulan puasa..bulan ramadhan.
Bulan penuh rahmat, bulan penuh berkah..

Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa untuk semua teman dan saudara yang menjalaninya. Semoga semua berjalan dengan baik dan lancar hingga pada akhirnya.

Jul 30, 2011


This kind of role is sometimes not seen. It’s an undercover activity.
The matchmaker is trying to connect two different people with a different background and environment, to become a happily couple united in a marriage. Actually it’s a quite risky profession. Although he is closed to the couples, he can’t certainly guess the inside feeling of each person.
Indeed, nobody can assume what will happen in the future, including this matter.

The matchmaker is only helping the couple to find a partner of life. The next step is depended on themselves, whether they want to make the relationship more serious or not.
Otherwise, the hard attempt from the matchmaker is nothing.

Right now, I have an activity of a matchmaker. I am trying to help my friends to find their soul mates. My effort is still getting no significant progress. Both are still trying to make a further relationship. Hope that everything will end in a good condition.

Jul 14, 2011

je m'appelle cherie

My name is Cherie
It is a nickname for me given by my best friend.
Sounds very sophisticated, doesn’t it?
I feel like a mademoiselle with that name.

What's in a name?

Actually a name is not just a name.
All parents certainly have a big hope after their child’s birth by giving a meaningful name, which might influence the entire life of the kid.
In all parts of the world, the parents will usually name their children with a name of famous person, with a good name which has a good meaning or at least contain a good connotation.

For example:
Boys Name: Ethan, (origin: Hebrew), meaning: "firm" or "strong".
Girls Name: Mia, (origin: German), meaning: taken from the name “Amelia”: “Work of the Lord”.
A name: Joyce, chosen because the parents want her to be a joyful person along her life and brings cheerfulness to others.

In Java – Indonesia, the name of a child who often gets sick, will be changed:

* "Waras" (meaning: health, recover from sickness). Thus, usually the name seems to have the power of healing. The child gets well soon after getting the new name.

* “Slamet” (meaning: save), “Sugiharto” (meaning: lots of treasure), and many meaningful names are familiar for Javanese people.

A name is like a brand for goods. It represents the quality.
However, sometimes a name doesn’t match with the personality.

In real life, there are names that surprise us
because they don't seem to suit the person at all
                                                               Krzysztof Kieslowski

In Philippine, there are so many men named “Jesus”, but they do not represent the character of Jesus which is full of love and kind, as stated in the Bible. Some are criminals, drunkards, robbers.

We must have self-respect with our names.
Once we ruin our names, nobody will ever trust us.

Our names are labels,
plainly printed on the bottled essence of our past behavior
                                                                      Logan Pearsall Smith

Jul 4, 2011

A short story about Rie and Amm

Once upon a time, in a small suburb, lived a little girl named Rie. She was very lovely and delightful. She used to walk to a rose park near her house and play there alone quietly. She did it for years.

One day, a new family moved and lived at that suburb. They had a son, named Amm. He was cute and kind. He still had no friends. His house was near to the rose park, that’s why everyday he saw Rie walk through his house to that park. He was not greeting her because he was too shy to do it.
Then Amm decided to follow her walking to the park. He was watching her playing. Actually he wished that Rie was conscious of his presence, but nothing happened.

He continued follow and see her from distance until one unforgettable day.
As usual Amm was watching Rie while she was playing in the park. Unexpectedly she was fallen and got hurt on her knee. Hurriedly Amm ran toward Rie and help her to stand on her feet. She was crying because of her bleeding knee. Amm was trying to soothe her. He wiped the wounded carefully. He asked her to lean on his body and together they were walking to her house.

Rie was not crying anymore. Amm was quite relieved and was running back to his own house.

From that time, Rie and Amm had never been apart. Rie was coming by to Amm’s house before playing at the park. They were walking and playing together excitedly. Both were much closed toward each other. Just like brother and sister.

Until one day..
As usual Rie was walking to the park and coming by to Amm’s house. She called him, but nobody came out from that house. Then Rie walked alone to the park and played there without Amm.

The day after, she was walking through Amm’s house again, and calling him. Still nobody came out from that house. She continued walking to the park sadly and playing there all alone.

Rie was very sad. Nobody accompanied her anymore. She was all alone playing at the park quietly. Just like the previous days, before Amm’s coming.

Nobody knew the reason of the disappearing Amm.

Deep inside Rie’s heart, she was missing Amm. Though she was used to be alone, still a short togetherness with Amm will be remembered in her memory forever.

Jul 1, 2011

Selling is exciting

I enjoy using my time as a freelance saleswoman. I have much kind of merchandises to sell. I started this activity from my college time. Food, cosmetics, garments, etc.
Then it continued until now.
Sometimes I get only a very little profit, but I have a satisfaction if I can sell my products.
Selling activities increase my ability to interact with other people, since there is a motto that CUSTOMER IS THE KING. We must serve them with our best capability.

I was known as a shy girl, now almost every old acquaintance tells that I am changing a lot. I am more talkative than I was in the previous time. Perhaps it is because I used to offer actively to my buyer.

Actually everybody can become a marketer passively. For example: when we had a lunch in a certain restaurant and we found that the meal was very delicious, indirectly, we would promote the place to others though we were not paid to do it.

I just realize about the fact and make it as a motivation for me, that deep inside we have the seller soul. It is very exciting to know this reality. The enthusiasm of selling seems stay in my spirit. Hopefully it can remain there forever.