Jul 1, 2011

Selling is exciting

I enjoy using my time as a freelance saleswoman. I have much kind of merchandises to sell. I started this activity from my college time. Food, cosmetics, garments, etc.
Then it continued until now.
Sometimes I get only a very little profit, but I have a satisfaction if I can sell my products.
Selling activities increase my ability to interact with other people, since there is a motto that CUSTOMER IS THE KING. We must serve them with our best capability.

I was known as a shy girl, now almost every old acquaintance tells that I am changing a lot. I am more talkative than I was in the previous time. Perhaps it is because I used to offer actively to my buyer.

Actually everybody can become a marketer passively. For example: when we had a lunch in a certain restaurant and we found that the meal was very delicious, indirectly, we would promote the place to others though we were not paid to do it.

I just realize about the fact and make it as a motivation for me, that deep inside we have the seller soul. It is very exciting to know this reality. The enthusiasm of selling seems stay in my spirit. Hopefully it can remain there forever.

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