Jul 30, 2011


This kind of role is sometimes not seen. It’s an undercover activity.
The matchmaker is trying to connect two different people with a different background and environment, to become a happily couple united in a marriage. Actually it’s a quite risky profession. Although he is closed to the couples, he can’t certainly guess the inside feeling of each person.
Indeed, nobody can assume what will happen in the future, including this matter.

The matchmaker is only helping the couple to find a partner of life. The next step is depended on themselves, whether they want to make the relationship more serious or not.
Otherwise, the hard attempt from the matchmaker is nothing.

Right now, I have an activity of a matchmaker. I am trying to help my friends to find their soul mates. My effort is still getting no significant progress. Both are still trying to make a further relationship. Hope that everything will end in a good condition.

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