Apr 11, 2012


J is for JOY

My friends often call me with that word: Joy, or sometimes only Jei (as you spell J).

Joy means happiness
It is not because of the prosperity only.
It is emerged from the blessed life.

Joy can make people smile.
Smiling people can influence other to have a smiling face too
A smiling face can cheer up the world.


Joy can’t be forced
The smiling effect can’t be imitated too.
The natural smile happens because of the happiness inside.
Not because of the impact outside.

I want to be the one who can cheer up the world with the joy of my life.
Through JOYFUL CHERIE, I will spread up the delight to anyone who needs it.


  1. May you always be filled with Joy. :) It's a wonderful thing to share with the world.