Mar 22, 2011

What you want is not what you always get

In computer lingo, there is a phrase: WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET
We can not apply the phrase in our daily life.

As a human being, we have a lot of wishes and desires, just like others.
We need a car. We need new house appliance. We need a bigger house. We need these. We need those.
A lot of wishes will appear in our lives. Nobody lives without needs.

That is why there’s a fiction about Genie who can fulfill all our wishes.

However, not all our wishes can be fulfilled. We don’t have any genies or spirit or whatever it is named to serve us all days.
We must realize that sometimes we will not get all our desires. It’s because of the condition and situation of our life.

Sometimes what we want is not appropriate enough for our life, and GOD knows about it. That’s why He does not give permission for us to get it.
We must understand that although He seems to be very still and not have any concern to us, but He will give us the best thing according to His thought.

We do not get what we want but what GOD wants us to get.

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