Mar 1, 2011


“Giving is the indicator of love. You can give someone without loving him or her, but you can’t love someone without giving something to him or her”. It’s what my mom always says to me.

We know about the principle of sow and reap.
The more you give, the more you will get.
However we must keep in our mind not to think about the return. We must give it sincerely. Without any hidden intentions.

Sometimes we tend to give if we know that we will get something also from that person. Or even we try to attract God’s attention by “giving”. Who knows He will give us more in return.
It’s not good.

I want to share my recent experience about giving.

Being raised not in a wealthy family, I am not a kind of person who is easily giving. I will rather keep all things than give them away to others.
On the contrary, my husband is a very generous man.
He prefers to give others than keep the things for himself.

We always have many arguments about these matters. However again and again, I can see it clearly that by giving, we will not be poorer than before. Even, we will face many miraculous way happened.

Here’s the example.
Few weeks ago, he told me that he wanted to give his office driver a new cell phone, with a model that had an Islamic theme inside. Actually I did not agree with his idea since it will increase our monthly budget, but he insisted, finally I let him do it.

Days passed…we almost forget about it.

Two days ago, my husband was asked by his boss whether he’s already had a flat LCD television. Because, the boss planned to buy it for my husband.
Thought that it was only a daydreaming, my husband didn’t take so much attention about it. Until yesterday, he was phoned and told that the television will be delivered to my house.
What a miracle. We never thought to have it before.
Now we have a 32inch LCD flat television.

At that time, my husband remembered that perhaps it’s because he gave the new cell  phone for the driver. And GOD used the boss to bless my husband with the new television.

Then, to reveal our thankful heart, we bought some dendeng for the boss.
And what a wonderful power of giving..
Today my friend gives me dendeng too. Very astonishing for me …

Now I suddenly remember the very similar situation happened many years ago during my childhood.
At that time, my family was in a vacation, and brought only a few cheap cookies in a small jar. In the middle of our trip, we met an old woman who seemed very hungry, and my mom gave our few cookies to her.
Then we came and stayed in my cousin’s house until the next two days. When we wanted to go home, she prepared a big bundle of bag, contained various type of delicious cookies placed in some big jars.
Surprisingly. As a replacement for only a few cheap cookies, we got these ones.

One small thing will be replaced by thousand big things. Not meant to overrate or exaggerate this matter. But it’s true.
That is what I meant with my statement before. The power of giving is very amazing. By giving, it shows that our heart is full of love. And the power of love will drive a very amazing situation too.

Honestly, I myself is still trying to learn more and more in giving. It’s not easy. But it’s not that difficult also.

Start to have a giving heart and see how many miracles will happen to your life.

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