Feb 26, 2011


I just want to share the meaning of togetherness in a family.

Everyday, I started my day with the usual morning activity of a kid.
I woke up, took a bath, had my breakfast which my mom has prepared we used to have our breakfast together in our dining room), then I went to school.

After school, I had my lunch accompanied by my beloved mom who was very patient to hear all my chit chat about my friends and teachers, about school, and all my problems at school. Sometimes if my big brother has already come too, he often teased me and run away if he saw me become angry and ready to chase him.
At that time my mom always separates us. I think my brother had a very bad hobby: annoying his little sister.
Afternoon time come.
My dad came after working all day. His face looked very tired.
When he came, we must already take our bath, otherwise he became angry.
My dad is a high tempered man. But actually he loves us. Only in a different manner.
We used to have dinner together. We can tell our experiences during that day. Sometimes we talk at the same time so that we can’t grasp the meaning of the talk.
After dinner, each of us must do our task. Mom usually washed the dishes, I cleaned up the table, my brother threw the garbage.
Then, after everything was cleaned, we started to sit in a big table at the family room. I and my brother had to do our homework, and prepare for tomorrow’s school activity. My mom used to sew something, or sometimes only watch her children studied. My dad read the newspaper. My grandma sat around us also.
Sometimes we laughed together because of some jokes from my brother. Sometimes we seriously talked about some problems of our relatives and tried to solve them.
After finished the homework, me and my brother were permitted to watch television. But not too late, otherwise we can’t wake up early.
Before we went to bed, my mom prayed for us also. Asked for God’s guidance during the night.
Everyday we do the same thing.
We used to pray together too. Every Friday night, my dad conducted a family prayer. We read the bible and discussed about the content. We prayed for each of us one by one.
It’s very wonderful for me to live with my family.
I remember my parents love and sacrifice for their children. They never abandoned us. They fulfilled all our needs. Not only the material needs, but also the spiritual ones. I think those are more important for my life.     
What a very lovely time of my childhood, that I will never forget and always remember it for all of my life.

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