Feb 19, 2011


SOUL MATE,  a romantic word to call a couple which is just falling in love to each other
Doesn’t it seem too over?
Does it really exist?
Who can be pointed as our soul mate?
Even our spouse sometimes couldn’t be our soul mate.

Why can we have our perfect soul mate?

The bible said that the Lord has created man and woman to be the spouse for each other.
Man will protect woman, and woman will become a suitable partner for him.
Actually God has prepared everything in order. For every man He creates, He will certainly create the partner also. And only in His time they will meet each other and live together in happiness.
However, human beings sometimes are not able to stay and wait patiently. They try to act hurriedly.
This will ruin and make a chaos on God’s work.
Don’t blame Him if we mess up our own life.

The very wise advises for them who are still searching for their soul mate are:
J     Make a lot of acquaintances
J     Wait and see what His plan to you,
J     Don’t hesitate to open your heart for somebody who cares and loves you with all his heart.     
J     Pray for that person

Hope we all live happily ever after with our soul mate.

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