Mar 17, 2011

Wonderwoman? or Superman?

 Who said that man is stronger than woman?
Although he has more muscles but the strength of a woman will overcome all.

Most of us should admit that woman is much more powerful than man.

Let’s talk about the double functions of a woman. Nowadays almost every woman must work outside home to increase the income. Early in the morning she has to prepare the meal for the family, arrange everything for the kids before going to school, and then go to her own working place.
At the afternoon she still has to do the housewife’s tasks, do the housework, and assist the kids to do the schoolwork.  She has almost no time for herself. I think woman really has an extra energy to do all duties.
While usually man just prepare for his own necessities. (the fact I stated here, is the condition in the most family, not mean to underestimate the man)

Let us find another example. A woman can bear the tremendous pain while delivering her baby. Just imagine if it is a man who must take that position. Wow... I think no babies will be delivered to this world. Seeing that man absolutely can’t push hard for bringing out the babies.

What else.
Hmmm … I find one more example.
Most ordinary man can’t stand to see blood. While every month, woman should have her period. What a very bloody time for a female.

There is also another example of woman strength. While doing the shopping time, she seems to have an additional magic power. She can walk around the shopping mall, from morning till dawn, if possible. Not feeling tired at all. While man, if he needs something, he will only come to one place and buy the things there. Done.

Actually there are still many cases which show that women are stronger than men.
So now all man…don’t you ever underestimate the woman for they have a hidden super power behind their calmness and weak appearance.

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