Mar 11, 2011

No pride .. no power ..

We live in the world which seems very fragile.
Nowadays so many dreadful tragedies occur; earthquake is not a very strange phenomenon anymore.
Flood, storm, tornado are happening more and more.
Nobody can make a speculation about what will happen next.
Disasters will suddenly emerge without being noticed before.

Just now, Japan was shocked by 8.8 earth quake, followed by a tsunami.
Whilst Sumbawa – Indonesia, at the same time, has 6.6 earth quake. Many warning has been informed by the Meteorological Agency. However it’s just a warning. Not much effort can be made in this only short moment.

Human being can only pray and cry to their Creator. Hope that the disaster will not come to pass them.
This is the time to admit our weakness to the Almighty GOD.
No more proud, no more power, no more strength. All is useless when the disaster comes.

All arrogance and superiority will be banished.           
All earth is trembling when the natural disaster happened. Our mother nature is crying.
Nothing can be showed off anymore. All is in damage. Ruined and destroyed.


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