Mar 9, 2011

Do not judge the book by its cover

Pak Makmur, an owner of a mobile phone store in Jalan Kemakmuran, often experienced fraud in his store. And what surprised him the most was the criminal appearance which was looked neat, clean and tidy.

No one will think that it was only a camouflage of the crime they did.

On the contrary, there was Mr. Sahaja, a seller of household appliances, who was selling his goods around with his bicycle. His dark skin, because of the exposure of sunlight, looked dull and shabby. But he's making his living in a very honest way. No cheating at all.

We often prefer to interact with the people who is very neat (which may be full of deceit), than with the people like Mr. Sahaja. It’s all because of their appearances only.

My friend had a colleague who looked like a servant. She was not credible at all to become an accounting staff, surely no one will imagine that she was working in a public accounting firm as an auditor.

Now let us talk about most of the government officer who looked stylish but doing a lot of corruptions.

Which one will we choose to become our friend or partner or even our spouse?

Of course most of us will prefer a good looking person.
It is difficult to apply these words of wisdom: Do not judge the book by its cover.

Do not judge someone from his appearance only.

It is better to open our heart and our eyes to see people more from the sincerity and honesty of his heart.

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