Mar 16, 2011

from Zero to Hero ... from Hero to Zero

Nowadays we often hear this term: from zero to hero. It is what the instant new comer in the showbiz named.

There are many singer competitions, talent shows, pop star contest in television. And off course they attracted the "talented" ones and drew the attention of most people even from the rather isolated place. They will come and join the audition of that contest.

From thousands they are extracted to ten with many qualifications. Then the competition is begun. The ten chosen qualified contestant will perform their ability, they will be trained and skilled with variety of issues. And one by one they will be eliminated because of the audience selection. At the end, there is only one person, the "most talented and qualified" one from the audience point of view.


Then this new comer will suddenly become a superstar. Many people will greet and salute him. Make him as their idol. All of a sudden, he must metamorphose his life. From just an ordinary people, he should transform into an artist. All habits must also be adjusted to the new life.

This is a very risky moment. If this new superstar cannot adapt the new circumstance, usually he will not survive much time. There is too much temptation in the showbiz world.  Drugs, alcohol, clubbing, adultery are very exciting for them.


Actually it is not only the new comer who must be very careful and alert to the temptation. Many senior artists were also trapped in the same issues. We heard so many stories about them being caught at the nightclub or hotel bringing some marijuana or narcotics, surrounded by women.

The news about this matter has just been broadcast widely. The case is blown up very quickly. The actor unexpectedly switched the glamorous life into an ordinary one in jail.

The fame and good name was vanished. Their fans will certainly be very disappointed to their attitudes. All mockery will be spread out. No more respects.


The jargon is changed. From zero to hero will reverse into "from hero to zero ".

It must be a very hard struggling time for them. It's difficult to recover the reputation after the unrespectable reaction from the fans.

After they were released from jail, they must start their life from the beginning. They must be very careful in life to avoid any embarrassment again.

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