Jun 8, 2011

Give thanks

Everyday we find a lot of things to appreciate.
Shiny day
Rainy day,
Fresh air
Clear water,
A complete part of healthy body,
And many more

We can even write hundred pages about the items we have in our life.

However, sometimes we disregard them all.
We think that all the good things that we have are not worth enough to be thankful.
Until only one of thousand good things is taken out from our life, then we will complain to God.

For example: in the sunny day, we never regard the sun shine. We complain about the hot weather.

But when we are caught in the rain, again we will grumble and complain about it.

Human being will never satisfy with their belongings and with the things they get.
When they don’t have any vehicle, they think that a motorcycle will be very great for them.
Then they begin to think about a car to stay away from the sun and rain.
Then they try to ask a newer type of car, and so on.
The complaint will never stop.

The small thing in our life that sometimes we forget about is our tears.
It helps us a lot.
I have ever heard the testimony of a man whose eyes can’t produce the tears anymore. He must buy the artificial teardrops which is only available at USA. Everyday he consumes at least 3 bottles. Each is about US$8.
If it is counted, we will realize how expensive our teardrops are.

There are still a lot of abundant but ignored blessings in our live.
Let us change our mindset everyday, start to see every single good thing around us.
Then, we will never fail to give our thanks to the CREATOR of our LIVE.

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