Dec 29, 2011

Counting the Days

 "so teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom"
                                                       Psalm 90:12

Time goes by. Days, weeks, months walk swiftly.
Some young people spend their time with no value. They just pass day by day without any important things. This kind of people seems “sleeping” in their life. When they finally awake, everything has gone. Regretful is spilling over the elderly age.

However if we follow the verse stated in this article, we certainly have a wisdom to fill our life wisely.
Be very careful in living this life and fill it with the useful things, because we can’t buy back the previous time which is left behind, although we want to redeem it.
Unless we have a time-machine, that can bring us back to the past time.

Now we have only few more days before leaving the year 2011.          
Many things had happened during this year. Good news and bad news take a shift
Accident, earthquake, disaster, birth, wedding, death, happened alternately in our world.
Even in these last days of 2011, we still hear about riot in some areas.
What a very cruel world. It seems that no more value in human life.

The remaining days are supposed to be used as maximized as we can.
Leaving the year 2011, we wish to close it smoothly without any hindrances.

Let’s count our last days in 2011 with a grateful mind.
Remember the good things happened to our life; remove the bad and negative ones. Build the positive mind for the incoming year.

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