Dec 20, 2011

Writing is easy

Is it true? For certain people, this opinion is not quite true.
They think that the process of writing is very complicated.
Right now, I agree with the people who say that writing is not that easy. It seems that my idea is blocked. Nothing can be explored to create an interesting writing, although I have read many suggestions and tips about how to write in an appropriate way.
The ideas are not flowing yet.

Writing is a process.
First of all, we must have a specific idea or topic. Then, we must describe or explain that topic to inform the reader, or even to convince them about the idea of the writer.
The important thing about the writing is the simplicity of the description. How it can reach the reader’s mind.
Sometimes when an idea leaps out of our mind, it must be directly explored into writing. Otherwise it will fade away soon.

I have tips from my lecturer: once we start our exploration, usually the valve will open and pour out the ideas. At this time, don’t ever bother about the grammar or the choice of vocabulary. We can still revise or correct it later. Just write all the ideas until you can’t go any longer.

Writing is the ability to edit.

After all is finished, we must edit this draft.
Here we can choose better words that suit to the writing. We can open dictionary or thesaurus. A word sometimes has more powerful implication than the other, although both have the same meaning. The skill of the writer in choosing the word can determine whether the writing can be created interestedly, or not. It depends on the writer’s imagination and ability. Sometimes, the same topic is written very dull in the description.

Writing is easy.
Do you agree with this opinion?
I still have the same statement as before. It is not as easy as some people say, but it is also not as complicated as your imagination.

One statement from me: writing is exciting.

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