Aug 16, 2011


It is a story about a very wise king: King John, in a far away kingdom, with his famous cook. 

The cook is well-known because of his ability in serving the food for the whole member of the royal, also for every honorable guests of King John. The food he makes will never disappoint anyone. He always creates a new menu for the events of the palace.

One day, the King plans to have a party in his palace. He orders his cook to make a special menu for this event. The cook promises to prepare a surprising dish for the guest. Nobody knows what kind of menu will be served until the d-day.

The moment is coming. All guests are arriving at the palace. All is wonder about the menu. Then, the food is served to them. Everybody starts to taste and admire the cook once again for the delicious and appetizing food.

King John praises the cook for the special menu. He asks him, what kind of meat he used. Then he reveals that the menu is from beef tongue. Everyone gives him applause. The King feels proud too. He gives the cook a very big reward for the accomplishment.

One month later, the King wants to make another celebration with his special guest again. He asks the cook to make a special menu as usual.
Again, after a preparation, the dish is ready to be served at the party.
At this time, all guests start to whisper each other. The food is exactly the same as the previous party. The beef tongue. King John’s face shows a very ashamed expression. Right away he calls the cook and scolds him, asks his intention in making the same food.

Calmly, the cook answers the question of the King. He says that both menus are from the same ingredients: beef tongue. The first serving caused an admiration for the King and for the cook also, but the second one caused a very big shame for the king.
It is same with our life. The same tongue can produce either good words or bad words for others.

The wise king suddenly has a big grin smile in his face after heard the explanation. He is not angry anymore to the cook. Instead, he awards him as the head of all cooks in his kingdom.

Tongue, everybody will need it, no matter of what status they have.
We will be able to use our tongue as one of the five senses of human being, to detect the flavor of food: sweetness, bitterness, sourness, and saltiness.
All delicious meals in the world can be created because of the role of this small tongue.

We can speak and utter the word clearly because we have this tongue also.
An orator can give his powerful speeches; a singer can sing in an awesome way, a teacher can teach all the students. It is because of this little thing: tongue.

However, this small stuff should be used in an appropriate way to avoid any problems.
A negative word uttered from the tongue of a mother, will have a very big impact to the growth of her child. The kid will be grown up in a negative thought about himself. Then he will become a bad guy and cause a lot of disturbance in the town.

One irritating comment from a famous artist will emerge a hot issue in mass media.

A war between two countries sometimes happens because of a misunderstanding of the simple word.

Tongue, a small thing yet has a big effect.

The wise usage of it will encourage and create a wonderful world, but the careless usage will also cause a ruin.

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