Sep 21, 2011


Everyone will certainly ever dream in their sleep.
I am one of them. Almost in every sleeping time, I will have a dream.

I often dream about a situation or an unfinished task that I am so worried about. However, in my dream, I can finish the task well. It causes a self esteem for me to do it in the next day.

Sometimes, I also dream about the street and the location of the previous time during my childhood. It seems that I walk very slowly in a very exhausted circumstance. Usually this happen when I am not in a fit condition due to my busy day.
Some dreams are also about my beloved one, my friends and my working place. All seem very real for me.

I also repeatedly dream about bathroom, in many versions. The location is always different in each dream, from the very dirty and horrible bathroom, to the very luxurious and comfortable one. But the point is almost the same. I always stand in queue for entering that bathroom.

My friend told me that I must have something which haven’t accomplished yet in our live. And that’s true for me. It is proved when I finally reach my goal and do it well; the dream about bathroom is ended. 

Years ago, I even dream about numbers. Almost all of my dream content about number, whether it is the quantity of a thing, the stairs level, the room number in a hotel, or the amount of money.

Indonesian people say that “Mimpi adalah bunganya tidur”. It means that dream actually does not have any meaning. It is just the review of what we think in our mind during our awaken stage.
For me personally, dreams are my inner mind that probably can’t be revealed in the real life. Dreams are merely expressions of inner desires which are collected in my mind. Then it will appear in my dream.

If you read in Wikipedia, you can find that the scientists believe if everyone dreams, but people will tend to forget them when they are awakened. It is because of the short phase of dream, only within a few seconds to two minutes. That’s why they will not always remember all dreams.
I am lucky for remembering some of the dreams.

I never try to find the meaning of all my dream Though, so many books about the interpretation of dreams are written. They describe the detail of each single keyword in the dream and try to relate it to our life.
Dreaming is just an intermezzo during my sleeping time

Let's dreaming.

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