Jul 14, 2012


I am on a plan to do a diet to have a slimmer body.
My belly is quite big to be suitable in wearing a press body shirt.
Every time I choose what clothes I can wear, I always face the same problem. All my clothes are too tight. Then I finally use the same and same clothes again.

To get a slim body, I must sacrifice much. No delicious meal and a lot of exercise to burn the calories.

The point here is “do I have that kind of eager to reach my goal”.

I have already reduced the portion of my dinner, but still I can’t decrease my weight and my tummy seems develop wider.

The only thing I have not done yet is exercising. Perhaps it is the only way to decrease some kilograms of my fat.

I can have that only if I am supported by all friends and family.

To get the target achieve, I must promise to myself:  
1. Not eating rice for the dinner
2. Eat in a small portion only
3. Begin to wake up earlier to have a jogging and exercise time

I will begin tomorrow, and hope that at the end of next month, I have already lost my fatty belly.

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