Feb 29, 2012


What have I done during my life?
Is it useful for others? Or nothing is done.
Is there any specific thing that others can’t do but me?
Is there any matter for this world if I was not being here, or even if I weren’t born?

What is the purpose of my being here in this world, or particularly in my family, my working place or my friends?
Will my big family have a different situation and condition without my existence?
Will my working place stop the operational or can’t achieve their profits if I were not working there?
Will my friends loose their cheerful days just because I was not with them?

Am I a lovely daughter for my parents?
Am I a suitable helper for my spouse?
Am I a perfect staff for my working place?
Am I a good listener for my friends?

Do I have something that others don’t have, only me?
Do I have something important and significant for this earth to have me as one of her inhabitant?                 

I am only one of millions people in this world
I am only an ordinary woman in my city

Please oh please….
Give me one reason only, why I was created in this world..
Give me one explanation why I am counted as a worth one..

Can I stand up and say loudly: “I am useful for others, aren’t I?”


  1. It's my belief that we all have a purpose. I believe God made us for a specific purpose, with specific gifts that match the purpose He has for us. Would be glad to share more about my faith if you'd like.
    Meanwhile, I admire your honest bravery of putting these intimate questions out there for the world to see. You never know, maybe someone will read this and it will be the exact thing they needed at the moment, and you made that happen.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-Host of the April A to Z Challenge
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z #atozchallenge

    1. Thank you Tina for your comment.
      I know that each of us was all created with a special purpose. However, I think those questions were also emerged in others' head, although not being published. I just tried to speak up for those peoples, who sometimes felt unworthy enough to stand up for their life and face the world even with only a little pride in their heart.

    2. Hi Cherie,

      Just dropped by to say good luck on the A to Z Challenge. You are number 408 on my blog hopping through the Eights journey. You can check out my post about it @ JennsScribbles

      One reason you were created is because there is no one as unique as you. You are counted as worthy because you asked the question, why?

  2. thank you Jenn for the reason about the worth of me..You are worthy also in this world.

  3. This is a really good post. I really enjoy your writing.