Feb 14, 2012

1st anniversary of JOYFUL CHERIE

It’s already one year after this blog made for the first time by a lovely friend. Many personal experiences and ideas have been shared here, based on the daily activities and things happened in my life. Though, they were all struggling written in my capacity as an amateur writer.

My friend told me to be consistent in writing, otherwise he would be disappointed.
Because making a new blog is easy, but maintaining the existing one is more difficult.

JOYFUL CHERIE reflects happiness and sadness, emotions, mood, the changes of life, and many others. Even the difficulty to express the moods is shared here.

One year is not a long time. It is just a beginning.
I promise to myself to be more productive in writing and sharing my ideas of life.
For me this blog is like a signature of our friendship. Though I and my friend will not have an intense contact anymore someday, I will make this JOYFUL CHERIE as a memoir for us.

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